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アレグラも前(後?)展望。スイッチバックの瞬間です。 #timelape #ALLEGRA #箱根登山鉄道3000形 #switchback

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アレグラにも乗りました。全窓大パノラマ! #ALLEGRA #箱根登山鉄道3000形 -Instagram

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Dile adiós a la alergia y tos con #Mucoangin #Mucosolvan #Allegra! 😄
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Allegra's official music video for her second single release entitled 'Do What I Want'

Produced by DASCO c/o Audiofreaks Music UK

#musicvideohype #allegra #dance #dowhatiwant #offiicialmusicvideo #pop @allegraworld_

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Post-Thanksgiving, COVID-19/Black Friday #HAPPYhour & this week especially gave me “the sads.” 🥺10pm UK, 5pm EST, 2pm PST, join over on my IGlive @allegrariggio b/c, WHY NOT? More info on my IG post, & hopefully family will join

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Retrouvons nous demain 28 novembre à partir de 09H à la place des évolués pour déguster nos pains et viennoiseries , qui seront accompagnés des omelettes, de jus, de café et de confiture de nos voisines . #Pain #Allegra #GOÛTnaGOÛT

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@vdelaserna @progettoallegra Querido Don Victor y todo delicioso.. Sin duda una gran apuesta por lo auténtico y la historia de la pasión Artusi y su visión culinaria... 👏 👏 👏 Detalles #Allegra

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Only one mask and a lot of dirt. On the quarantine ship "Allegra" is chaos
#covid19 #quarantine #allegra

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I am far more interested in - Why do we need someone else to further interpret the PM? Where does this leave the Lobby? How do the MSM especially @BBCPolitics intend to maintain balance in political reporting? #allegra

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👇When we’ll hear from @HMTAllegra. A slight move away from daily briefings, 3 days a week more sensible than 5, makes No10 less of an inevitable hostage to fortune.

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Molt contentes de rebre de la mà de la Regidora de cicles de vida de l'@Aj_Sabadell Sra Sònia Sada, el premi al primer Joc musical del #diainternacionaldelagentgran Moltes gràcies!! #Allegra #MGSSeniors

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@SimplyAllegra, I was just in your stream. I’m 100%+ obsessed with Bloodhound that I even got a tattoo dedicated about them.🥰 #apexlegends #bloodhound #allegra #Apex #girlgamer #gamergirl #gamers #Apex募集 #Allfather #Valhalla #funko #ios14homescreen #tattoo #selfie #PlayStation

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@SusannaRustin @mrjamesob @tobyhelm Our very own posh Kayleigh McEnany. Latymer, Cambridge. Married well. Changes her political views to suit the prevailing wind. Can turn on the tears when needed. Quietly toxic. A glittering career in politics surely awaits #allegra

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why does my coochie enlarge when I take #allegra

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@HMTAllegra #allegra reduced to tears by Cummings, yet, as the Tories spokesperson, happy to support Johnson's decision to defend The Prittster for #bullying . #PrittiPatel

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¡Dile adiós a la alergia y tos con #Mucoangin #Mucosolvan #Allegra! 😄
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@AgrifenMX Los amo, son Mi solución a la alergia, quise traicionarlos con la basura de medicina que es #Allegra pero pues nunca me quito mi alérgia pero el agrifen a la media hora ya estoy respirando nuevamente los amo.

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Spring look! ❤
Musculosa broderie $990 & pantalón estampado $2700.
Aprovechá 3 & 6 cuotas sin interés #allegra #ss21

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#ToryScumOut #Allegra you’ve got your work cut out 🤣🤣🤣

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Checked the fact checker - this did happen

Under @BorisJohnson's direction

He really is the scum of the Earth

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Summer hits! ☀
Blusa volados $1500 & short animal print $1800.
#allegra #ss21

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*Migrates to other acct. where timeline is the other, this and that... #algotrading #Allegra #allegracoleworld

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@mikeysmith @chunkymark #Allegra hasn’t arranged the media room?

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#allegra la más bella y dulce niña!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ en Buenos Aires, Argentina

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In which someone called #Allegra can’t be posh because she once went to Birmingham.

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Imagine what it's going to be like when #allegra starts holding the US style daily televised briefings from Downing St? Parliament and proper scrutiny further marginalised #politicslive

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As ever with this Conservative Government, an announcement is made to the press, the Cabinet Minister refuses to come voluntarily to brief MPs in the House of Commons and on closer scrutiny of the detail, it turns out that it doesn’t actually fix the original problem.

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@HMTAllegra "likes and respects Boris Johnson". I suppose the question is: why?

#PrincessNutNuts #Boris #allegra

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We all understand the pretentious upper middle-class background of anyone called #Allegra.

@BorisJohnson is certainly tuned in to "the people".

How much longer will he last? 6 months? 12 months?

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@Bill_Esterson @ExasperatedTory Have they got an oven? More's the point turned it on? Now the two misogynists have left the building perhaps #Allegra & #Carrie can show that cabal of feckless men in that shoddy cabinet how to use said oven🤦‍♀️

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@jackyatbigideas Now that Boris has 'Three Women Blue' giving him some direction things might change.
If they can't sort it we're doomed.

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Well said @MattChorley and true But it is going to be an interesting challenge when the Nation starts getting it's on camera daily feed direct from #No10 and #allegra I really don't think majority of people out there realise this or how it set off this week's chain of events

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It’s a small thing and Christ knows sometimes the lobby is dreadful.

But every genius who arrives vowing to shake up the media, undermine, bypass and destroy the lobby, ends up leaving.

And for good or bad, we’re still there.

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The new press secretary for 10 Downing Street, Allegra Stratton, is married to James Forsyth, editor of The Spectator, and close friends with Rishi Sunak; they are godparents to each other's children.


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