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@todmartinn I’ve never found the verse ‘those who try to preserve their life will lose it’ so profoundly appropriate to a situation in life as the vaccine for #COVID

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@Mike_Pence @realDonaldTrump @Perduesenate @KLoeffler Lol using your non @VP account? You failed the American people, pandered to trump. One American a minute dies from #COVID because of your incompetence. One American a minute. #GOPCorruptionOverCountry

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@JornalOGlobo Porque as pessoas estão indo com a família toda nos mercados/supermecados/hipermercados?
Estão esquecendo das pessoas que precisam trabalhar e ainda aguentar o descaso das empresas. Muita gente pegando #covid e todos se calam, e se reclamar é advertido ainda.

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Join us Livestream 💉🦠🧬💊 MedTech & Health
Dec 10, 9 am - 5 pm EST
@StartaAccel Demo Day
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Subscribe #startup #investor #HealthTech #MedTech #AI #Entrepreneurship #NewYorkCity #tech #COVID

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#5dicembre non ha senso fare battaglie sulle libertà personali, anche accese, dall'inizio del #COVID, come @NicolaPorro e @VittorioSgarbi e accettare in silenzio le parole di #Conte e #Speranza su un possibile #TSO #VaccinoAntiCovid!
ultimo mio saluto a entrambi su #Twitter...

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@CHEK_News Its BS. Anyone can get #Covid walking in any grocery store any day. All people must test Negative before flying. Worry more about outbreaks where people are Not tested.. Its #paranoia when 99.7 % are Alive. If you are treating your own Immune System properly- you will be Fine.

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Dr. Garner works in intensive care at Baylor.
He got #COVID.
He gave it to his ENTIRE family—his wife, his young children.
He’s going to work because he’s an essential worker.

2000 people will die of #COVID TODAY.

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North Carolina COVID19 update
#COVID19 #COVID #usa

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@senatemajldr questioned why House Democrats were voting on a bill on decriminalizing #Cannabis rather than focusing on #COVID relief. Simple answer #TraitorMitch; b/c you want to give billions to Oligarchs & screw the people, so what's the point #Mitch??!

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#COVID “Ayer logramos la meta de 18 mil 742 pruebas. Alrededor de 4 mil siguen siendo PCR y el resto son mediante prueba de antígenos, que son pruebas rápidas y en media hora se da el resultado”, mencionó Sheinbaum

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@BNicholsLiberty I voted no

At the same time life has been different. I have what I call reverse #COVID problems

I already worked a lot and my company has demanded more. It started with the essential worker stuff and never quit. The money is nice & I know people are struggling, but I'm so tired

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Badenin yliopiston tutkimus
#covid protestoijien taustat erittäin monitahoiset äärioikeuston kaltaisista vihreisiin ja sieltä täältä.

Studie zu Corona-Protesten: Wen die „Querdenker“ wählen – und wer sie sind #fplus lähteestä @faznet

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My apartment complex forces mandatory checks on the lease and will come in even if we dont answer...They have done this 4 times in the last 2 months. 1 guy going in between each apartment looking for dust...even tho we had a confirmed case in the complex last month. #COVID in FL

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.@cris_puig Quina incidència hem d'esperar que tingui la grip?
Argimon: "Hem d'esperar que aquest any hi hagi poca grip. Entre altres coses perquè portem mascareta i utilotzem hidrogels. Després, quan entra un virus nou aquest sembla que ocupi l'espai"

#FAQSestampidaTV3 #COVID

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Total tests 24,675,478
Cases 1,286,557
Deaths 19,582


After everything that has been reported by experts including the inventor of the test, ALL have said the PCR test is not designed for viruses, THEY STILL USE IT!

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@how2girl You found it!!! This must be the herd everyone's talking about👉 #HerdImmunity ✔️ 🦬🦬🦬 ➕💉 ✔️
#COVID #COVIDー19 #vaccines #VaccinesWork

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@libbybakalar - Alaska had more #COVID cases today than Vermont, Maine, Washington DC, Wyoming, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Kansas. Our failed leadership is silent!

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We could have spent this last nine months as a nation fighting the #COVID pandemic and wild fires out west, but instead @GovPhillScot's political affiliation of choice, trump-mcconnell-@gop-@vtgop & death cult, fighting our voting choice. Thanks fuck heads. #vtpoli #NotMeUs

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कार के बंद शीशे से कोरोना संक्रमण का खतरा ज्यादा, रिसर्च में दावा
#COVID19India #COVID #CoronaVirusUpdates

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Ms Strachan, Modern Studies teacher at @bridgeofdon knows how to beat the 'fresh air treatment' prescribed by @AberdeenCC to beat #Covid - a nice #Fairtrade cuppa to warm her hands from the chills of #Aberdeen winter.

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It’s getting wild out there. If you know anyone in #OrangeCounty, specifically Santa Ana and Anaheim spread the word about free at home #COVID tests. 24 hour turnaround time. The program is live now and everything is done via FedEx.

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New Mexico, USA COVID19 update
#COVID19 #COVID #NewMexico #USA

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There are no words that will ever be able to describe the grief my family and I are currently experiencing. Today, the most amazing man, my #dad, left this world. He had fought so incredibly hard these last few weeks as he battled #COVID.

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You could be able to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X today in the US with a bit of luck and sharp timing SEE MORE HERE ==> #nintendoswitch #Xbox #XboxSeriesX #ps5restock ps5gamers #blackfriday #covid19 #covid #coronavirus #trump

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PS5 restock: Black Friday PlayStation 5 consoles back in stock TODAY SEE MORE HERE ==> #nintendoswitch #ps5restock ps5gamers #blackfriday #covid19 #covid #coronavirus #trump

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Erstmal Impfen, ob´s wirkt klären wir später!😁🤷‍♂️🤡

Wie verängstigt - und damit vom Verstande befreit - muss man sein, um solche grotesken Aussagen zu akzeptieren?

Kommt aus der Angst.
Wider den Hasardeuren, die unser schönes Land kaputt machen!

#wieler #rki #covid #BRD

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@DavidJHarrisJr @GOP MUST PASS a

90% #Covid "War" Tax to stop "Profiteering"

Just like during #WW2


No Polticians
No Wall Street Execs


Pass a #CovidProfiteeringTax


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@tedcruz Not so beautiful for the animal you’ve just shot for pleasure.

How many Texans died from #covid while you were out shooting animals for pleasure Teddy?

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Scusate il francesismo, ma mandrie di coglioni oggi hanno popolato le strade d’Italia, da nord a sud.

Scene indegne, scene infami e bastarde, proprio mentre si contavano altri 662 morti di #Covid.

E poi si lamentano se #Conte li chiude a chiave in casa.

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@AnthonySabatini Again...this man doesn’t care but just know he’s getting PAID as our economy still suffers with many stuck at home who are vulnerable or unemployed as he pushes to release business from liability for your death. #COVID

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🆕Il Napoli ha comunicato che tutta la rosa è risultata negativa al Covid-19. #NonSaraiMaiSolo #ForzaNapoliSempre #SSCNapoli #Napoli #TeamArrow #Covid #Covid_19

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Total cases81,437
Total deaths1,003
Positive tests 117,021
Negative tests 1,970,033
Total tests2,087,054

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After a steady increase in numbers, we’ve broken another case record today with 6,018 new cases. We’re examining what action may be needed to protect North Carolinians, but we need everyone to wear masks and follow safety measures. Our actions right now are life or death.

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Auch nach der Impfung solle man sich erst einmal an die #Corona-Regeln halten, bis neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse über die Ansteckungsgefahr, die von geimpften Personen ausgeht, vorliegen, so @RKI_de-Präsident Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler.

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Countdown to a #FairtradeChristmas – Day 5

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Today's #COVID19 update includes 2,080 new cases and, sadly, 33 additional deaths.

We have lost 202 of our fellow New Mexicans to COVID-19 in the last week alone, a number that took 46 days to reach at the outset of the pandemic.

Please do your part to slow the spread.

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A doctor in Texas is haunted by what befell his family over the summer: He had inadvertently shuttled the coronavirus home, and sickened them all. He has recurring nightmares that one of his children has died from Covid.

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