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#ImpeachBidenNow #BidenRegret #BidenLiedPeopleDied @FoxNews @pdoocy @greggutfeld @DanaPerino @seanhannity @AOC @RepAOC @PressSec @jrpsaki CBP ignoring @POTUS order and building the border wall and following Trumps orders instead of Biden

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Isn’t he violating his oath to defend this nation against all enemies? #bidendementia #BidenLied #ImpeachBidenNow He is a danger to this nation!

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@POTUS is out of control and #corrupt with how things are being handled. #ImpeachBidenNow #stoptheinsanity

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@POTUS @JoeBiden @SenSchumer I would tell Joe Biden to eat shit for thinking he was doing something good by ignoring what he just did in Syria with this but that would just be Cannibalism. #ImpeachBidenNow

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RETWEET if you think @JoeBiden’s presidency has been an abject failure so far.

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Hey @FoxNews , sick of "fair and balanced" !!! I won't come back until there is some fair bias in favor of #Patriots .
#BidenLied #ImpeachBidenNow

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@BabeTruth2 @ToBeDecided13 All because the Covid relief he’s proposing is also trying to give money to other country’s like China. In one month, we’ve gone from America First to America Last. #ImpeachBidenNow

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@theicyscorpion @ImaP91 #ImpeachBidenNow This man is senile and is acting like a fool! This is elder abuse!

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@ImaP91 @a_quakenbush @benjigallicchi @compelleebee @Diceman__ @FeedomAlways @FranDeMario2 @grandmainct @Happygirldeb1 @JanRickey @LevinJames8 @LL4DJT @Mb4Trump @Merpscat @Patriot3651 @Rightalways19 @ShePissedoff @SimonFidler84 @SlySkippy @theicyscorpion Thank you for the ride!
#ImpeachBidenNow #DemocratsTheEnemyWithin

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Well yeah, his fucking treasonous leader just invited and released infected immigrants into our Country!

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Only 9% is for Covid relief dumbass, other 91 is for Blue state bailouts, plan parenthood, pelosi's tunnel, foreign prjocets, let that sink in. Lock up the entire swamp! President Trump. #ImpeachBidenNow #ArrestsComing

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This fake president is done,they will roll him back to the basement. 👇🏻 #ImpeachBidenNow

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@POTUS @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @VP Opeing states is Neanderthal Thinking, but Opening Border to Thousands of Illegals, Terrorists, Sex Traffickers and Drug Runners... hundreds testing positive for COVID is smart?? How freaking Stupid can you be!! #ImpeachBidenNow

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Biden tries to explain the Covid bill. This moron is President? Wow. 🤣😮

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#SinemaResign #ManchinResign #CarperResign #ResignCoons #ResignKing #ResgnShakeen #HassanResign #TesterResign #DemocratsAreLiars #PresidentMalarkey #DemsWantToLose #ImpeachBidenNow #RaiseTheWage

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Elections matter—and we’re seeing why. Congratulations to the Biden Administration and to the American people on a COVID relief bill that will improve the lives of families across the country.

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Democrats are trying to ram a 1.9 TRILLION “stimulus” bill through congress and last night @RandPaul stopped them from including direct PPP payments to Planned Parenthood in the bill

This is the kind of courage every Republican should have.

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Joe Biden has violated his oath of office to uphold our Constitution and enforce our laws.

Donald Trump Challenges Joe Biden to End ‘Border Nightmare‘ via @BreitbartNews

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@POTUS the President for illegal immigrants continues an enormous surge of illegals without covid tests🤔👎as he preaches about masks. Biden should work from Honduras. He's doing more for them than for the US. #ImpeachBidenNow

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@THEWRENCHLEFT By not ensuring immigration laws are enforced, allowing catch and release of illegals pouring into our country, Biden has violated his Oath of Office and should be impeached at once. Many illegals with Covid positive tests have been turned loose in border states. #ImpeachBidenNow

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The Biden Admin is more concerned about opening up our borders to 100% but NOT our states

If Biden focused the energy he uses towards opening our border on schools & states, they’d all be open

How does it feel that our President puts illegal immigrants over American citizens?

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Impeach First.
Jail Second.

RT to make it happen

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DISGUSTING! #ImpeachBidenNow #ImpeachBiden #ImpeachKamalaHarris #ImpeachKamala #CCP #WHLies #WHCoverup #SaveAmerica

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And that's their choice; Amen. We now all have that freedom of choice! Now Biden needs to take care of the crisis he's caused at the borders. 108 confrmd #COVID19 cases crossed in Brownsville. He welcomed them, so they're coming. #ImpeachBidenNow #ImpeachKamlaHarris #CCP

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Even as some states ease or end mask mandates, a handful of businesses say they will still require customers and staff to wear face coverings as the pandemic continues.

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Senate passes $1.9 trillion relief package after marathon votes

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Impeach 46 ... if you can find him.

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Joe Biden should be IMPEACHED.

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Fauci claims ‘another spike’ of COVID could be in the near future | Just The News

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No news conference. No Oval Office address. No primetime speech to a joint session of Congress.

President Joe Biden is the first executive in four decades to reach this point in his term without holding a formal question and answer session.

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If I was Sinema I’d skip fast food for a few years minimum.

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What exactly is the bone that uncle Joe has thrown us for which we are daily told to STFU and be grateful? Honestly I don’t see a single one.

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Looking forward to seeing what actions Schumer and the Biden administration take to punish the recalcitrant senators who voted against the enormously popular minimum wage increase that would ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha just kidding they’re not going to do anything.

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