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One of the best Thanksgiving Day memories. Damn that team was tough. Pic of @ThomasDavisSDTM who is undoubtedly in the @Panthers Hall of Honor after retirement #KeepPounding

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@Panthers @Bojangles There is only one line I would wait in on Black Friday #KeepPounding #BoTime

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reporter that is fact based and addresses the story that some reporters are to scared to do. Take the time to read his stuff and you will not regret it. #KeepPounding

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Running a Black Friday deal on all my links at @CBSSports. Totally free access to all my stories, including today's notebook

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Free For All Friday - Open Discussion Thread #KeepPounding

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Mach's wie PJ – gib niemals auf! 💪💪 #KeepPounding @pjwalker_5

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@thediaryof_f Ich überlege mir zu #GoPats No1 Newton Hoodie und Jersey ein #KeepPounding Sale Jersey von Cam Newton zu bestellen....

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@thediaryof_f @Footballrausch Fordere das Karma nicht zu sehr raus. Die #KeepPounding sollen noch n paar Spiele gewinnen. Da sind soch hochmütige Tweets nicht hilfreich😉 Aber Recht hast du!

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The Trevor Lawrence NFL Sweepstakes: November Update 🏈

Where will Trevor Lawrence land in the 2021 #NFL Draft?


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Let’s go we defeat Minnesota after the sim loss we made the comeback 38-37 without donte Jackson #KeepPounding

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@thetexasboy91 did you see you can already upgrade @_DJack01. Mine looks like this just with @Panthers chem. #KeepPounding #Xbox #Madden21 #mut21

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Wishing all of our fans a Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to getting back on the field soon to take on the Huskies! #OurYear #KeepPounding

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Rumors : Teams are swarming around for Donte Jackson this offseason. Where will he land? #KeepPounding

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@brittmschmidt Thank you so much Brittany, same goes to you and your family!!! Oh and don’t forget to #KeepPounding every single day 😊

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Luke Kuechly or Patrick Willis?

#NFL #NFLTwitter #FTTB #KeepPounding

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I acquired something today that reminded me of Thanksgiving 2015. @Panthers #KeepPounding #DoYouRiot

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@AyoVick919 Good 'ol Thomas Davis broke his collarbone. Didn't he just come back from an injury, too? Kurt Coleman pick 6. Ahhhhhh, the good 'ol days. Knowing that game was over by the second quarter made Thanksgiving that much better. 😎 #keeppounding

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@mrsdavis58 @ThomasDavisSDTM Look at TD looking like Bruno Mars!! Lol #comebackhome #KeepPounding

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BREAKING: We have reached an agreement with our pro bowl DE Brian burns to an extension worth 5 years/82 million. We’re very excited to have Brian be a part of our future #KeepPounding

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@darinka_xi Muy difícil, estoy entre #DaBears #FinsUp o #KeepPounding pero creo que me quedaría con Dolphins

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Did the Panthers resign Kelvin Benjamin????


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Favorite team from each division:
NFC South: #KeepPounding 
NFC West: #RedSea
NFC North: #GoPackGo
NFC East: #TogetherBlue 
AFC South: #ForTheShoe 
AFC West: #RaiderNation
AFC North: #RavensFlock 
AFC East: #FinsUp

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Me at 8am on Thanksgiving vs Me at 8pm on Thanksgiving

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Watch "Christian McCaffrey spills his secrets on a play with Next Gen Stats, Powered by AWS" on YouTube #KeepPounding

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Favorite team from each division:
NFC South: #RiseUpATL
NFC North: #Skol
NFC East: #TogetherBlue
AFC South: #ForTheShoe
AFC West: #BroncosCountry
AFC North: #RavensFlock
AFC East: #FinsUp

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Happy thanksgiving to all God bless!

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Nate Burleson just gave a pep talk to the Lions on @GMFB that has me thinking they could be hoisting the Lombardi in Tampa in a few months.

Almost forgot they lost 20-0 to a Panthers team without Bridgewater, McCaffery, and Okung five days ago.


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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
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