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The written press have been uninvited to tomorrow’s #NEWLEE pre-match press conference. Cz it’s obviously their fault #NUFC are nose diving towards the championship. #BRUCEOUT

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Hanging up in my Mam’s utility room. Sir Bobby will be rolling in his grave looking at the state of our club right now. #ASHLEYOUT #BRUCEOUT #NUFC

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I’m actually really annoyed Adam Armstrong never got a proper chance. #nufc #BRUCEOUT

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@CissePapiss @433 @MesutOzil1088 @Fenerbahce Come back to #NUFC we’re mint now Papiss you’d love it

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When #NUFC get into the mire and are relying on Ashley to make a decision it's always worth remembering this from Alan Pardew, “ Mike doesn’t understand football. Sometimes it confuses him.”

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In league games alone this season #NUFC have had:
10 centre back combinations
6 full back/wing back combinations
12 midfield combinations
5 striker combinations
I know we've had injury issues but...

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@worflags Can these flags be set up outside St James for Tuesdays game?? Pretty please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #nufc

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Mike Ashley is a fucking arsehole.

Bought the club on the spin of coin just about. Ruined it #NUFC

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@oscarpaul2 People were saying at one point hes a decent bloke, just jot a decent manager. I'd have to question the decent bloke bit. He's starting to goad the fans now. He's a cunt. Simple as that. As a person, he seems to be as bad as his managerial abilities #nufc

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Can Bruce ban the press or has that order come from Charnley? #nufc

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Proof,if needed,that football is a money making business for the greedy few,entertainment for supporters is now irrelevant,it's why I chucked my ticket. 😪 #NUFC.

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@Leicester4life @StringerSport @_mattpiper @OwynnPA Y’see; we make 19 changes in two games and our team is still crap 😂 #NUFC

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I hope that @lee_ryder @MsiDouglas report they are being banned by the club from asking questions. Front page headline lads We won't be silenced !

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Everything to do with Mike Ashley is a numbers game. He’s banking on Bruce who has a history of quitting doing so and internally promoting a new manager as that’s much cheaper. #NUFC

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👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 #nufc
@stevewraith @oldheatonian @geordiedentist @penman_stewart @DazShocks @ste71 @mnesbitt70 @NUFCToonTalk @LiamJKennedy23

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@oscarpaul2 Steve Bruce : 'I can take the criticism'
Also Steve Bruce : 'Ban all the written press, I DoNt lIkE tHeM sAyInG nAsTy tHiNgS (Aka THE TRUTH) aBoUt mE' #nufc

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Jack Grealish in the second half ....

''Just keep it moving these are shit''


#NUFC #BruceOut
Paul | Magpie 24/7

Source: Magpie Channel.

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@worflags @septimus69 @Edit_Kev @MsiDouglas @ChronicleNUFC @shieldsgazette @ChrisDHWaugh I think, if they cancel all media for tomorrow then that's definitely it.. But if they allow TV media then he's still going to be around atleast for the Leeds game, but we will get spanked again by them so his time will come. They should be looking for a replacement now. #NUFC

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#NUFC's recent plight under Bruce is best summed up by the drastic drop in goals from Callum Wilson.

From scoring 6 goals in 7 games to just 2 in 10, he's gone from looking electric to looking helpless. 👇

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Written press session cancelled. Are things unravelling at #nufc? 🤔

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Thomas Frank, with their B team, are currently beating 3rd place in the PL Leicester and people tell us nobody can do better than Bruce with that group of players. Bullshit! #NUFC

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The more you watch Brentford, the more you wish Thomas Frank was #nufc manager

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🎙️Episode 35🎙️ w/ @ACanning10 @JUGSYAVFC @jakemont

✅2nd Gear Aston Villa on another planet to #NUFC
✅Traore's footballing brain
✅Nakamba 10/10
✅Konsa's Consistency
✅Burnley preview

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No written press at pre Leeds briefing....
Someone's feeling the heat #nufc

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Mike Ashley when Lee Charnley reluctantly suggests that it might be time to sack Bruce. #nufc

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The bairn has chucked his toys out of the pram. This is supposed to be an opportunity for the reporters to ask questions that the fans want answers too. Can't wait to see the back of this fraud. #nufc #BRUCEOUT

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9️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ SUBSCRIBERS | THANK YOU🙌🏻

During the live match watchalong we had people from all over the world tuned in, which still blows my mind. It's a real privilege that you lot choose us for your #NUFC content🙏


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Look at @BrentfordFC I continue to kill giants of the #EPL! They also beat #NUFC 🥴

Just kidding, massive club shit manager and owner 🙏🏻

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If Newcastle have stopped all written media for tomorrow then that’s pathetic...whoever wanted or made that decision isn’t a football person they’re just cowardice #NUFC

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We don’t have enough? We’ve had more than enough of you and your meal expenses mate. #NUFC #BRUCEOUT

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Can anyone tell me why Graeme Jones!? His C.V has nothing impressive on it. His only stint manager was with Luton and his win rate was worst than Bruce at 29%. Fans from other clubs slagging him rotten saying the football was terrible. Can’t they just do it right for once. #NUFC

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I'm scouring the internet trying to find the full broadcast of Newcastle's 5-0 win over Man Utd in '96 with post-match analysis with no luck.

Apparently, on said broadcast, Bruce was a pundit and was incredulous that we had somehow beaten Man Utd by five goals! @NUFC360 #NUFC

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I implore @SkySports_Keith and others from radio and broadcasters to Boycott in support of their written media colleagues. What a disgrace of a club @nufc are @nufctrust #nufc

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If #NUFC do get a takeover like we could do worse than looking at Thomas Frank.

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So, Graeme Jones is Unwanted by Bruce who is also Fuming about this. I really HOPE Graeme Jones IS brought in if it means Steve Bruce ( #NeverWantedStillNotWanted) finally WALKS! Dare i say a brilliant move by Mr Ashley? probs not but Smart Thinking! #BRUCEOUT #GraemeJonesIn #NUFC

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The written media section for Steve Bruce's press conference tomorrow has been scrapped. Radio and broadcasters continue as normal. #NUFC

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Was suggested last night but I've just had it confirmed from source close to Club.

The Graeme Jones appointment is NOTHING to do with Bruce.

It's been thrust upon him and Bruce is absolutely fuming about it.

True story.


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🗣 "I don't agree with that, we are bottom half of the Premier League. We're not going to be entertaining or open because we don't have enough."

Steve Bruce on the criticism of the style of football Newcastle play

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