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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks should be dedicated to @WeatherDog3 tomorrow night 😢 such sad news 💔 RIP rupe.

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@WeatherDog3 Sir Rupe will always be known as the leader of #rickysbollocks pet gang💗
He’ll now be watching over Teddy and Andy to see how they carry on. 🐾

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Rupes Mum here. No easy way to say this. But Rupe went downhill this morning & had two seizures. He was struggling. So we helped him on his final journey. We are completely devastated my heart is broken. I don’t know what I will do without him. 10.10.2005 - 5.12.2020 OTRB 🌈💔😢

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Sir @rickygervais I’m dressed up for this weekend’s special #TalkingBollocks 🤣Yesterday you posted your worry over @PickliciousF sitting on the railing above a 20 foot drop. What’s something you used to do as a kid that gave your parents tremendous worry? #RickysBollocks 🐦🤣

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks #talkingbollocks Hello, some questions here! Thank you

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@rickygervais You wake up to find that Pickle has grown another 6 legs due to a genetic mutation, and is now spidey-cat. She still loves to chase Taco, but is now much faster. Do you still let her sleep on your bed at night? #rickysbollocks

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If there were no agencies to manage famous people, what would it be like? Would you make your own calls and appointments?

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@WeatherDog3 sending you love Rup. #rickysbollocks needs your kind of cerebral questions x

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks first question... you've reached #peakricky and living in a bucket (that bath photo) and obviously still picking up awards. Do you insist that you have to pick up the award live on stage? Organisers: how the fuck do we deal with this #forkliftonstage

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@rickygervais here's one for #rickysbollocks... you're reincarted as a dog, you're on the right. How pissed off are you that you're stuck with a noisy, messy eating arse. And do you finally snap when the crisps come out 😂

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Ohhhh, @rickygervais ..”WHY ISN’T THIS F**KING WORKING?!?” should be the motto for 2020! Nailed it tonight! And you didn’t even get in the DEATH BUCKET! 😹See you Sunday for #rickysbollocks and HAVE FUN #TalkingBollocks Sunday.. Thanks for ALL YOU DO.. ❤️🐾

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I should have guessed that @rickygervais’ arch nemesis would be a slurping, humourless spider, but after tonight’s start-up difficulties I actually thought it was the wifi. Cheers, Ricky ! #rickysbollocks

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@rickygervais Love it!! 😊 I could quite happily watch/hear you swearing constantly for a whole half hour, ha ha! 😂 #rickysbollocks #TalkingBollocks

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@rickygervais Thanks Ricky for persevering!!! Watch this #rickysbollocks broadcast to see Ricky having a complete meltdown about his WiFi/ phone coverage!!! #ClassicsTwitter #classic Please can’t leave us Ricky!! 😊

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🤣@RickyGervais I have spent 20 mins trying to divide 9 shows a month into 113 (number of Periscope #rickysbollocks). Average. I can only do maths if an orange can be divided into segments. Great show tonight. Glad it worked out. See you Sunday. 🤣😂👏

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#SirRickyofTwitter #rickysbollocks #charity #support

@BrewDog @beerhunteruk @rickygervais

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@rickygervais Form an orderly queue all potential sponsors of #rickysbollocks.

Normal service is just as crap.

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Dear @rickygervais, if rebooting the wifi doesn’t do the trick, maybe you could try Instagram? Thanks for trying 🙏


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@rickygervais does #rickysbollocks need an apostrophe??

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@rickygervais Broadcast unavailable.....and here's me, my first time as a #rickysbollocks viewer 🙄

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@DrawerBottom @rickygervais #rickysbollocks Tony to Lenny: Do you want anymore donuts fat boy? Sandy: Do you mind him talking to him like that? Lenny: It distracts him. IS DISTRACTION THE ONLY THING LEFT FOR TONY WHILE PEACE ELUDES HIM?  

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@PatKelly_97 @rickygervais #rickysbollocks When Kath, asks Tony, “If you don’t believe in hell, how come you don’t go around murdering?” Lenny notes that Tony doesn’t murder “Because he has conscience.” DID YOU KNOW ROMANS 1 TEACHES WE ALL HAVE A GOD-GIVEN CONSCIENCE? 

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Hello @rickygervais

You woke up and find yourself an angel, and you can be spider or cockroach, who would you choose?

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@rickygervais im getting the feeling my questions are always shite... still wanna hear you try to pronounce eyjafjallajökull. I can’t do it. Lol. #wednesdaybollocks #rickysbollocks #talkingbollocks

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@rickygervais Hello, sorry I haven’t been replying to your tweets lately. I recently lost my mum. My heart is broken and I can’t find all the pieces.
💔My question for #rickysbollocks
I recently rewatched you sparring with @davidhaye + your charity fight. Do you still train?

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@rickygervais Can you touch your nose with your tongue? There you go, a question for this evening. #rickysbollocks

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There are two ways to eat a carrot 😂

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@rickygervais Is Who is grumpier, Tony in Afterlife or you? My money is on you #rickysbollocks

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@rickygervais Bonjour Ricky comment allez-vous? here is todays question. I can pick up a bucket easily but I cannot pick myself up in a bucket. Is this down to strength or technique? Just thinking about your future mobility - always thinking #rickysbollocks🦠 #vivelefrance

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I love all my siblings but there is one that I’m closer to. Are you closer to any one of your siblings, and if so who and how come? @rickygervais #rickysbollocks

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks #TalkingBollocks..will try Q again 😊you mention if any Drs/psychiatrists are watching quite alot !😊 my friend is consultant psychiatrist and fan of yours also. Do you think you would make good psychiatrist or be more like 👇😂

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@cbcradioq @rickygervais " Inoculation " how appropriate! Thats the perfect way to describe @rickygervais #rickysbollocks ! He has provided a much needed distraction during lockdown for millions! Leave it to this beautiful charitable man to help so many at a time when we need it the most!

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#rickysbollocks @rickygervais When Derek stopped the car to hug his Dad, were you in character while telling the driver to stop, or were you simply Ricky in Director mode? 🎬🎭 ...best ever TV scene imo #welldone 💜

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Morning @rickygervais here’s my question for #rickysbollocks #talkingbollocks! See ya at 6 🐾

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@rickygervais Bonjour Ricky comment allez-vous? here is my question. I can pick up a bucket easily but I cannot pick myself up in a bucket. Is this down to strength or technique? Just thinking about your future mobility - always thinking #rickysbollocks🦠 #vivelefrance

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Watched “out of England 2” and you were talking about how the Icelandic eruption wouldn’t make you miss a gig....Can you say the volcanoes name, or try? 😂😂😂


@rickygervais #wednesdaybollocks #talkingbollocks #rickysbollocks

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
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Gear up with a machine as savage as you are.
Stylish outside.
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