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My best 5 [16/01/2020]
Koke has to be the most affordable Atletico 1st teamer on Sorare, scoring consistently. L.Bostyn common nudging out Langerak and Allison in GK for now
#Sorare via @SorareHQ

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Check out my Best 5 of all-time! #Sorare @SorareHQより

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Started off a few months ago, completely oblivious to what sorare was really about. I deposited an initial £50 and had no goalkeeper which was causing me plenty of problems. By buying low/selling high I have managed to creep up around £100 which includes the ETH increase #sorare

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This is very true; experienced it with crypto in 12/13; the masses are onboarding - appreciate the managers around you at this moment #sorare fam. They are the rare breeds

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Tapsoba with a decent 71 to start off my Global D4 #sorare

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Check out my Best 5 of all-time! #Sorare via @SorareHQ

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Just to prove the earlier one was no accident. Not massive money but a superb ROI. Flippity flip #sorare

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Bought 3 of these 6 months ago.

Sold one today very cheap but it’s for more than all 3 cost. The two that remain are essentially freebies #sorare

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Check out my Best 5 of all-time! #Sorare @SorareHQ aracılığıyla

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OHL haalt topper Siebe Schrijvers binnen!🤩

👍 om Siebe welkom te heten!

Lees meer over deze toptransfer 👉

#samensterker #WelkomSiebe

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Had to buy back in on this lad.

Out of contract in the summer with links to MLS and Ligue 1.


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Check out my Best 5 of all-time! #Sorare via @SorareHQ
@TimbersFC @MLS with my favorite new discovery player Chara 🔥

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Here we go!! 🥳🏆💎


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🧐Check out my Best 5 of all-time! 😅😂

#Sorare a través de @SorareHQ

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@SiegeTheDay23 @SorareHub Be interesting to see the Asia & MLS percents when they restart they were too juicy to ignore when I joined #Sorare

And I think more managers are focusing on Asia & MLS now even tho it’s their offseason

This is totally logical btw & imo Sorare managers are not stupid lol

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#Sorare #Bestof5

Decent representation of my approach to Sorare focused on Challenger Europe to begin with then got hooked on Asia 😝

Also shows that (imo obvs) there’s nothing wrong with buying previous season cards on the secondary market


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Teams submitted! Good feeling for the weekend games on #sorare
Whom would you choose as captain?

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Hola, nuevo video sobre @SorareHQ, en este video hablo de la llegada del @RiverPlate de Argentina a la plataforma, incluye también una guía rápida para usuarios nuevos.

#Argentina #RiverPlate #Futbol #Español #Sudamerica #CopaLibertadores #Sorare #Eth

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The NFT market is populated disproportionately by compulsive collectors right now. We collect NFTs bc we can't *not*

Currently, NFTs are a very big deal to relatively few people

Soon, NFTs will be a minor and mostly transparent thing to a lot of people

I'll miss these days

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