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@rickygervais Can we #TalkingBollocks about this tomorrow @rickygervais? Cant wait for tommorrow #rickygervais

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Sir @rickygervais I’m dressed up for this weekend’s special #TalkingBollocks 🤣Yesterday you posted your worry over @PickliciousF sitting on the railing above a 20 foot drop. What’s something you used to do as a kid that gave your parents tremendous worry? #RickysBollocks 🐦🤣

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Ball-brothers 🤓😃

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#talkingbollocks #testicularcancer

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@PatricProAuthor Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais).


So many good things! Oh, and #TalkingBollocks of course.

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@PickliciousF @PickliciousF, I love Derek, I love @PickliciousF and you #TalkingBollocks. I love it. You are the best ever of #TalkingBollocks. Ricky Gervais is brilliant.👍💎👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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Everyone has the power to do SOMETHING. Tune in at 7 p.m. Dec. 10 to #TriState Strong: Getting to Zero to be inspired by how your neighbors & familiar faces from health care, media and business have pulled together #TriStateStrong #GettingToZero

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks #talkingbollocks Hello, some questions here! Thank you

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#talkingbollocks #testicularcancer #menshealth

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@makhzoom13 @rickygervais I made this my ringtone! I call it the #TalkingBollocks tone. It’s amazing in crowds and I text my friends and say “call me” when I’m in a store ! I may make it my voicemail greeting next!

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@PickliciousF @PickliciousF, have fun on sunday with #TalkingBollocks, Ricky Gervais,Pickle and Colin Covid. The best ever Ricky Gervais. is Brilliant👍💎👏👏👏👏👏

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If there were no agencies to manage famous people, what would it be like? Would you make your own calls and appointments?

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#TalkingBollocks question(recycled for Sunday, so EVERYONE can answer) IF you had a theme song @rickygervais & company, what would it be & why! Wish we could be there! Have FUN! ❤️🐾❤️

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@rickygervais are you accepting questions from people on Twitter for the #TalkingBollocks Live Show?

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@rickygervais with the #TalkingBollocks live show is the stage going to be set out like your study, with audience participation and will it also be streamed??

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SQUAD 🤩🤩🤩🤩⁠

Can't wait to get back out there.⁠

#talkingbollocks #testicularcancer #charity

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@rickygervais Can we talk about this on sunday @rickygervais #talkingbollocks #rickygervais

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@LiveNationUK @rickygervais @O2ForumKTown Tickets are already gone off course. Does anyone have #extratickets for this #rickygervais #TalkingBollocks show on 6th?☹️

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If ever you feel you are under skilled or not qualified to do a job, just go for it. Remember @officialga11 got a job as a pundit on @talkSPORT and he struggles to string two words together. #TalkingBollocks

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Ohhhh, @rickygervais ..”WHY ISN’T THIS F**KING WORKING?!?” should be the motto for 2020! Nailed it tonight! And you didn’t even get in the DEATH BUCKET! 😹See you Sunday for #rickysbollocks and HAVE FUN #TalkingBollocks Sunday.. Thanks for ALL YOU DO.. ❤️🐾

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@Jacob_Rees_Mogg Matt Hancock was contradicted by Dr Jun Raine from the MHRA. When it come to believing a doctor or a politician, I know who I’m going put my trust in! Hint not Matt Hancock #TalkingBollocks

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@Clark1995Clark @rickygervais Somehow I am going to make this my ringtone! #TalkingBollocks

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@rickygervais Shit psychiatrist .. shit spy 🕵️... and an even shitter doctor haha . good job your an amazing entertainer and animal ambassador and an ok sort of bloke ❤️ if you do decide to leave us @rickygervais thank you for all the brilliant laughs your a star ⭐️ ❤️ #talkingbollocks

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@rickygervais @rickygervais, you will always find a way not to dispoint your fans and your audience. Everyone likes you and your #TalkingBollocks 👍👌👏

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@rickygervais my question for Sunday’s #TalkingBollocks is would you rather be a mutant bread and butter pudding or a mutant Christmas pudding?

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@rickygervais Love it!! 😊 I could quite happily watch/hear you swearing constantly for a whole half hour, ha ha! 😂 #rickysbollocks #TalkingBollocks

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@rickygervais Question for your next #TalkingBollocks -
Who is the poshest person you've ever heard do a swear? I like to think you've heard Nigel Havers say "wank fanny". Or similar.

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Lots of swearing at the beginning, I'm afraid. And the middle & end. #TalkingBollocks

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@rickygervais Who are you doing #TalkingBollocks with on Sunday?

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Tonight’s #TalkingBollocks with highlights including whether @rickygervais would rather cartwheel or wheelbarrow to get around & what dog hairstyle he’d choose. There’s a cameo from Colin Covid & the best part him ranting at the start because his wife is shite! Watch & Retweet!

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@rickygervais @rickygervais, your #TalkingBollocks is genius tonight. That´s great that it worked in the end. Even if it had not worked I think you have told us. And that would have been great, too. Have a nice evening with a beer. Cheers🍻

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Hey @rickygervais everyone tells me to put this cutie on a diet. should I? #TalkingBollocks

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@PatKelly_97 @rickygervais #TalkingBollocks Dave Thomas JR’s song SILENCE: “But I hear the silence now Right in my core From wall to wall.” Shouldn’t the atheist Tony expect to hear NO answers from above? 

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