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#TheOrville fans This is an amazing project by an amazing person. Won’t cost you a dime and is a joyful thing. Deadline 11/30. You won’t regret it!

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#TheMandalorian ist schon 'ne gute Serie. (Funktioniert als Star Wars viel besser, als #StarTrekDiscovery als Star Trek.) Aber irgendwie hab ich in den letzten Jahren das Interesse an SciFi-Franchises verloren, deren Name mit "Star" anfängt. #TheExpanse & #TheOrville bieten mehr!

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#DoctorWho #StarTrek #TheOrville
( #502) Solow Passes, Threshold Discussed, Jacks Back and More Comics To Come : @TREKZONEorg's The News

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@Rehanlive The real star trek successor is #TheOrville... Can't wait for its next season... #STD is a bad parody of star trek a bad fan fiction...

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The USS Orville @Hallmark ornament! Just kidding. It’s just the USS Orville model on the tree. 🤣 #TheOrville @SethMacFarlane

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Here's your daily random dose of #TheOrville!

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Hope that the cast and crew will have a rockin’ #Thanksgiving! 🦃 #theorville @SethMacFarlane @ScottGrimes @AdriannePalicki @PennyJJerald @jleefilm @markjacksonacts @jessicaszohr @halstonsage @ChadLColeman @TomCostantino @joncassar

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During the holiday season, it's important to give thanks for the most important thing in our life #TheOrville #Thanksgiving

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To my friends, colleagues and #TheOrville family, a very #HappyThanksgiving to each and every one of you! This has been the most challenging year. Words do not do my heart justice, I am beyond thankful for you all!! 💙

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@BatlethBabe Every episode of #TheOrville, #StarTrekDiscovery, and #TheExpanse gets me this way 😃

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For those who have indicated they'll be contributing to the project, I'm giving till Mon Nov 30th to get your contributions to me

Anyone who missed previous tweets about it & want to contribute, comment on this post indicating you wish to contribute & I will DM you with the info

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A new episode of @UnionFedPodcast is here with @AKyleW @Trekkie01D and @MissAmyNelson as we discuss Scavengers and what we want on our Union Fed Thanksgiving table! #StarTrekDiscovery #theorville

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Gobbles to my favorite Twitter Turkeys🦃 Thanks, pumpkins, you’re the best. Stick a fork in me, I think I’m done. Um, I’ll leaf now.
#ThankfulFor Communities: #TheOrville #AutismAcceptance #Introverts #DomesticViolenceSupport #WeirdosUnited but in separate rooms.

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Its a weird state of affairs where #StarTrek isn’t the pinnacle of Sci Fi narrative. Shows like #TheOrville and #TheExpanse pick up the slack. #StarTrek should always be held to a high standard and not be a franchise that settles into bland, safe and boring narrative!

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You know #TheOrville talked about having a bridge cat, and once again #StarTrekDiscovery couldn't wait to copy the idea. @EgotasticFT

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What do you guy’s think? I put my USS Orville model on our tree! 🎄 #TheOrville @SethMacFarlane @AdriannePalicki @ScottGrimes @PennyJJerald @markjacksonacts @jleefilm @jessicaszohr @halstonsage @joncassar @TomCostantino

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Take me away, oh take me away, to 2418! #TheOrville

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It’s Thanksgiving... I’m thankful for my better half, my friends & family, and my crazy ass yet adorable pupper Stewie. 😝

I’m also thankful for every corner of #TheOrville: From staff to fan, from crew to MacFarlane, and from Krill to Calivon, may your day be blessed by Avis!

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Here's your daily random dose of #TheOrville!

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Bortus is an entire mood. #TheOrville @TheOrville

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@neiltyson I didn’t see #TheOrville in there or any #StarGate Daedalus class ships!

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#theorville @TomCostantino

More early Passageway concepts.

(I posted these ones a while back, but since we’re on a theme...)

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@SethMacFarlane Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving to you and All your Colleagues on #theorville

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A warm #TheOrville hello to you @KevinEdwardWard! 😎

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@TREFAYNE @planetary_union One of our talented editors and Assistant editors. Say hi to @KevinEdwardWard

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New First Officer of USS Discovery? @Grudge_Cat

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@TomCostantino @planetary_union Looks like those could be screens aboard #TheOrville itself!

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Pre-pro-stay at home flow. 💫🖥 #TheOrville @planetary_union 🌎

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TODAY! Join Egotastic FunTime & #TheOrville fandom LIVE as we celebrate season 3 going back into production! We'll also be chatting with Eric Moran, the creator of The Orville Fan Series - A Planetary Step. 1:30pm pst

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@MandoNews #TheMandalorian TOPS ALL Sci-Fi shows on TV right now. I know i will still like #TheOrville Season 3 better BUT at this moment, this is the best Sci-fi show on TV.

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Best news iv heard in a while .
#theorville #scifi #wednesdaythought #checkitout

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I sure hope season 3 of The Orville is real :) #theorville @SethMacFarlane

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@SethMacFarlane Yes please, I love the score in this show so much! #TheOrville

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I'm super excited that season 3 of #TheOrville is back in production! I don't care how long it takes for the show to make it back to our televisions as long as it comes back right! It's going to be amazing! Ja'loja!!!

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