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Reppin' #BillsMafia on our flight to DC today 🤙

A thread:

#LetsGoBuffalo | @BuffaloBills

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Play of the season right now! @BuffaloBills #BillsMafia

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I Could watch this all day🙏🏼🙏🏼😍🙌🏼🙌🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #BillsMafia #PanchosArmy #BillsMaFamilia #WhyNotUs #GoBills #LetsGoBuffalo

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Our next #BillMafiaChallenge submission is an EPIC video from @WhenUDream.

Their client Daniel is a HS senior in Firebaugh, CA.

He is a diehard @BuffaloBills fan who loves a certain quarterback who attended his high school. 😉

#ConnectingChampions #BillsMafia

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@bull97rock @SteveTasker89 is a legend who deserves a gold jacket for revolutionizing Special Teams play. He could cover, return, and block kicks, and also play clutch WR when needed. No reason he's not in the HOF. #BillsMafia

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Just in case you thought the @BuffaloBills would start getting respect after this season, nope. Bill Barnwell has them finishing 5th...in the AFC. He has KC, Baltimore, Miami, and Jacksonville as the top 4. #BillsMafia

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Why should we even bother playing the AFC title game? The Chiefs took care of business against the Bills in October.

But I tell you why things are different this time around in my latest for ESM:
#BillsMafia #NFL #ChiefsKingdom

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@TheJoeMarino as a father of daughters...you’ll get those Disney songs first crack and all the lyrics that go along with it! Here’s to raising #BillsMafia daughters

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@BigDumbViking @bertkreischer @Buccaneers Or in the #BillsMafia case.....THROWING YOUR EX THROUGH A TABLE!!!!

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@gregcote @HeraldSports @Buccaneers @packers @BuffaloBills @Chiefs on behalf of #BillsMafia You're the best sports predictor/writer in south Florida.

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Vamos con los #BillsMafia ¡Obtuve Buffalo Bills!

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@PerolasNFL @braco_t Aproveita e ja faz a Taça junto pq o titulo vai pra #BillsMafia

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Bernie gets down with the UK #billsmafia

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@BurghFan004 @JimmysSeafood Got one for me and the wife! Go #BillsMafia

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After Saturday’s playoff game, this Bills fan came away with a special piece of @BuffaloBills memorabilia. And once he had it, he quickly secured it in a pocket: “I can’t let anyone see that I have this, I might get robbed!”

I’ll explain more at 6!

#BillsMafia @news4buffalo

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Keep an eye on that KC weather forecast for Sunday's game.
#BillsMafia #AFCChampionship #Bills

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And then there was 4... This Sunday, these teams will give it their all to earn a spot in #SBLV.

Who will cover? 💰

#GamblingTwitter #NFLPlayoffs #GoPackGo #GoBucs #ChiefsKingdom #BillsMafia

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I love you @SteveTasker89 this is an incredible film. I hope we win it all this year and you get a front row seat ❤️🤍💙 this man belongs in the @ProFootballHOF and it’s a shame we have to wait another year! Make it happen!!!! #LETSGOBUFFALO #BillsMafia

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#BillsMafia I can watch this all day every day till someone else makes a huge play this Sunday against Chiefs.

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@NFLonFOX As a avid football fan & a Falcons Fanatic, #BillsMafia deserves one

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The chiefs may have drafted Mahomes with the Bill's pick, but we got 2 defensive cornerstones (49 and 27) and JA17....so who really won the trade? #BillsMafia

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Hey @mcplmo.... our friends at the Mid-Hudson Library System and @WNYLRC are members of #BillsMafia! We're all incredibly excited for Sunday's #AFCChampionship game.

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@MichaelDavSmith Dude. Stop. #BillsMafia is totally fine with Allen as our guy.

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@KicksDeals Hopefully Ending with a Super Bowl.... LFG #BillsMafia

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A 'Weekend at Bernies' like every Sunday In January for the last 27years in Buffalo....and this 'Weekend at Bernies" on the right! With our @BuffaloBills in the AFC Championship game!!


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God dammit now I have to cheer against #BillsMafia

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The INT that shook western NY 😤

From reading the QBs' eyes to throwing a key block to turn a pick into 6, this @BuffaloBills D does the little things right.

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.@arielhelwani joined SportsNation to talk UFC 257... but things QUICKLY spun outta control

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A @BuffaloBills legend who was always the underdog.

@SteveTasker89's toughness embodies a city ready for another Super Bowl run 💪

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#Bucaneers- #Chiefs? #Bills- #Packers? What Super Bowl 55 matchup do you want to see?

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