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@cnnbrk That’s for the update #gethimout

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@michaelgove appears to be a right wing sympathising, Trump wannabe. #gethimout

Revealed: Tory MPs and commentators who joined banned app Parler

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I mean to be told a mask is a face muzzle and then you repeat that straight away as if YOU came up with it, the whole ‘lock her up’ thing, coming from THIS president. Bring on Wednesday I say. #GetHimOut

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@DanRather How can you count what is no longer there @DanRather? Hopefully paintings along with other things have not been taken! #thecountdown #gethimout

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I just watched this and I’m so angry. Even though I know anger doesn’t help. Someone told me, Margarita, it’s like being mad at a tsunami. It’s coming, no matter what. #Impeach #gethimout

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#justgonnaleavethishere #insurrection #helied #enough #removetrump #itsacult #endthenightmare #almostdone #gethimout

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Another day, another stain on the #Trump presidency, as if there wasn’t enough already #BeGone #TrumpTreason #gethimout

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@RBReich How bout the fact that none of us get to forget for a SECOND that he still is entirely in the seat of power with his goons? Why on earth we are acting like there is NOT a Mafia Thug pointing a gun at our heads is beyond me. #GetHimOut Is it 911 or a joke, make up your minds!

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#TrumpImpeachment #TrumpCoupAttempt #TrumpMeltdown #TrumpIsALaughingStock #gethimout #QAnonAreFascists #Trumpisafascist #TrumpIsACriminal #TrumpIsAnIdiot #fuckyouTrump

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@MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport @iTunes But he’s busy planning the fate of our country with the My Pillow guy!! Thank you for your videos! It’s what we’re all thinking!! 😜 #MyPillow #MeinPillow #GetHimOut

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when you forget you're loba and not caustic lol lucky guy didn't see how bad i was messing up or he'd be embarrassed!

#ApexLegends #apexlegendsclips #GetHimOut #twitch #pc #gaming

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My freaking Pillow! You can’t make this up!! Reality is looking more and more like a Seth Rogen film. #theinterview #MyPillow #MikeLindell #GetHimOut #25thAmendment

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Poll after poll shows America's majority wants the Senate to charge Trump. Do it, Senators. #RemoveTrumpTODAY #RemoveTrumpNow #ImpeachTrump #Accountability #AccountabilityBeforeUnity #Congress #Senate #EnoughIsEnough #Sedition #SeditionHasConsequences #gethimout #justice #doitnow

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Justice Sotomayor, on the Trump administration’s rush to kill.

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@SenSchumer @senatemajldr

PLEASE #GetHimOut Every day you delay is a day he is a danger to us all.

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Jim Jordan pledges his allegiance not to his constituents or his country, not to the flag or the Constitution, but to one man, a twice-impeached soon-to-be-former president accused of sedition.
Contribute just $5 now to help us hold him accountable.

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McConnell refuses to call the Senate back into session to convict Trump.

Why does one man — who only 1.2 million people voted for — hold absolute power over 330 million people?

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To have a President-Elect who says, “You have my word.”
And you don’t cringe.
Just. Just. Wow.

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@kylegriffin1 As long as he freaking leaves. #gethimout

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Here are the pictures

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What in the actual FUCK.

Anyone who voted for the #TrumpAdministration owns this shit.


#FFS #CovidVaccine #LIARINCHIEF #GetHimOut #ImpeachTrumpNow #DerelictionOfDuty #CriminalInaction #LIARS #ProsecuteThem

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@MyPillowUSA CEO Michael Lindell shows off his notes before going into the West Wing at the White House on Friday, Jan 15, 2021 in Washington, DC.

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The longer @SadiqKhan is mayor of London the longer he has to cripple it! Fares up congestion charge up! #gethimout

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@QuakerNana Are we being turned into a police state for our “safety”? These radicalized angry people are stupidly terrorizing the country on behalf of those who want to destroy it. If Trump isn’t removed, it’s a deliberate failure of democracy, serving to promote the autocracy. #GetHimOut

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SCOOP: When HHS sec announced this wk that federal govt would begin releasing coronavirus vaccine doses reserved for 2nd shots, no such reserve existed, according to state/fed officials briefed on plans. Reserve was already exhausted. w @isaacstanbecker

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@darrylpittman Honestly PREACH uncle Darryl. #gethimout

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@reece_dinsdale⁩ this made me chuckle

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Imagine if all these people were just following @potus and not his personal account.

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@senatemajldr Leader McConnell, let one of your last acts as leader be selfless. PLEASE use your leadership to put an end to Trump's presidency. In one week or less his followers intend to attack in greater strength, AND HE WON'T TELL THEM TO STAND DOWN. #GetHimOut #AccountabilityNow #GUILTY

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@thomaskaine5 NOW. Either we are being lied to about the dangers of further terrorism (which we can see ourselves, so NOT) or THERE IS NO EXCUSE for this not already being done. Maybe they are just desperately trying to cover their asses. I don’t care. #Seize assets, top down. #GetHimOut

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@WeAreCanProud True❕
Dictators/tyrants everywhere around the world kill the democracy and try to stay put for LIFE.

This has been obvious since 2015⚠️

2019 election sent chilling warning - the election can be EASILY STOLEN‼️


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@DWUhlfelderLaw @Arriadna OMFG! @GovRonDeSantis is the most inept Governor Florida has ever had! The man thinks he can govern with talking points. He has no idea how to actually take charge of anything and lead! Why does the @FloridaGOP tolerate this? This is not leadership. This is surrender. #GetHimOut

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If McConnell delays the impeachment vote, as he says he's going to, he should be charged with all the crimes Trump pardons away in his last days.

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Not sure but we think an Aussie did this and what a WONDERFUL job!! #FlipTheSenateBlue #TrumpsPlague

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