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The latest Indiana Hoops update is here! #indianahoops Top contributors today: @HoopDirt @indyhsscores @newlevelmedia2 #iubb #iufb

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Loyola Chicago, eyeing top of MVC, faces Southern Illinois - (SI) #iubb

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@CoachAdragna 3/ be held accountable for their mistakes and be coached and developed to be better. It’s in the heat of the battle when some of these lessons are the best learned. It crushes me to see how this staff works in the sidelines. It is emblematic of all that’s wrong at #IUBB. (End)

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How good is Michigan? My goodness. #iubb

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If you have #iubb in for March you should never do brackets ever again. 1 quality win. Tons of bad losses.

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Are they playing #iubb ?

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I’m not sure how to take Hunter blow up. I’m hoping he was tired of getting his ass kicked and got pissed off. #iubb

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Fam, this turnaround is ridiculous.

Nets trailed by 10 in the first.

They enter halftime up 18.

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Well - This is something. #iubb

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Some weirdness going on w/ the #iubb bench the final 5 minutes of the game last night.
-Starts w/ Hunter visibly mad in the huddle
-He's taken out at next FT & storms to the bench
-You can see Arch pointing him to the locker room
-Next time down, Marshall walking baseline w/ him

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Very often during Indiana games I think to myself, “do we even have practices during the season?”
Teams are suppose to get better throughout the season. This team has gotten worse in the last month. That my friends falls back on coaching #hoosiers #IUBB

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@insidethehall It sounded like there was a decent crowd last night, any chance #iubb allows a larger crowd for Senior Night Saturday?

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@HoosierTrav @JustinKotter @AryehBrus @DanWolken Saying the admin won’t allow it is a tired excuse. If they really wanted to cut the programs legs, they wouldn’t allow them to be the top spender in recruiting #iubb

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@drew_drew1996 @Keatonnewman BREAKING: Indiana University fires Archie Miller and immediately hires Andrew Allen to become the next coach of Indiana Basketball. #iubb

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ICYMI: We’re Not Mad, Just Disappointed [THS: 183]

On this week’s podcast:
• A bold suggestion for Archie Miller
• Predictions for IU's last four games
• Historic #iuwbb season continues
• RUT/MICH previews, and more! #iubb

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This is the best thing I have seen In awhile. The General is pissed! #iubb

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"Tonight on 'American Greed'. In a beautiful college town, a storied basketball program was in need of a new coach. Enter Archie Miller." #iubb

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@dandakich You explains #iubb to the 90% that don’t understand

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@DanWolken He checked zero boxes to people that sincerely understand #iubb. It’s ok. This group that truly understand is small.

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Genius #iubb

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Strong article on the catastrophe ongoing in Bloomington, Indiana. #iubb

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Jim boeheim
Dane fife
Brad stevens.

That's the list. No search firm needed.


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Why are so many sports fans so hot and cold with their teams? #IUBB #Colts

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@jcrhoosier @TheMopLady Losing JS has hurt a lot more than I dreamed it would #iubb

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Just checking.....did Scott Dolson give Archie a 17-year contract extension while I was driving to Florida today? #iubb

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@Adam_Wilson22 Respect your thoughts but 4 yrs is enough time. Next year will be worse. Mich,Illinois,OSU,Louisville all got new coaches and r rolling. IU should too. Unacceptable which is y I’m ready for a change. #iubb

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And if IU can give the resources and get the leadership necessary to turn historically poor programs such as IU Women’s basketball and #iufb into huge successes, there’s zero excuse not to do the same for #iubb.

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Excellent article. And the answer is no. Scott Dolson can’t continue to allow the #iubb brand to be embarrassed like this. Tom Crean wasn’t perfect but his teams played hard, even when we sucked. Archie’s teams do not and it’s devastating as a fan. He must go.

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I hope Khristian Lander knows it's going to get worse before it gets better, and that he's in a strange period not only in basketball, but in history. He should be dominating his HS conference right now.

Take these early hits like Kobe did, and keep grinding.


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Today's @SportsRush1380 with @BrettRumpSports is up! #iubb loses to Rutgers, @RodWoodson26 on the return of his football camp, @FWKomets forward @Szydlowski19 on a big weekend series against the Fuel and @PSM1Team's Tommy Schoegler gives his weekly top 5

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Start of IU game ➡️ End of IU game #iubb 🔴⚪

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@chriscorley_3 The only identity this program has is its inconsistency. They have no philosophy, no system or style of play, nothing. #iubb

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Scott @CrimsonCast317 is joined by Tony Adragna @CoachAdragna. They discuss what is going wrong with #iubb can be fixed this season and answer a bunch of Twitter questions. @CrimsonCast

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I’m probably the only #iubb fan who wants to keep Archie

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Illinois will be without star guard Ayo Dosunmu tonight. He's out with a broken nose. Huge slate tonight in the Big Ten. Here's our stocked BIG TEN DAILY report to get you set up for tonight. #iubb @BigTenNetwork @B1GMBBall @CBBonFOX @espn @CollegeGameDay

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Congratulations to Indiana's Trayce Jackson-Davis for being named one of five FINALISTS for the Karl Malone Award given to college basketball's top power forward. Well deserved. He's had a solid year. The story. #iubb @TrayceJackson @IndianaMBB @B1GMBBall

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After uninspiring back-to-back losses to second division Big Ten teams, The Question has changed at Indiana. #iubb

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Me and the fellas, fully vaccinated, welcoming home Brad Stevens

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Khristian Lander came out of the game and sat away from the rest of the team - visibly upset. Put the towel over his face. Armaan Franklin came up and put his arm around him and whispered some words to him.

No matter how this game is going right now, great moment to see. #iubb

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