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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks What was your favourite school dinner/pud? D'you think the coloured custard was radioactive? 👽

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I just watched this again and actually I just got sad😢because you said the end of December will be the last of your bollocks. 🥺 I can’t....

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Today’s episode of #RickysBollocks with @rickygervais features a sneak peek at a song from #Covid19TheMusical and so much more! 🤣 Support your local animal charities! Wear a mask and save lives! Most importantly, #BeNiceToAnimals

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Not a word I associate with the Rich & Famous.

I apologise.

Mr @rickygervais #rickysbollocks

Not only interacts with his Fans, he's 💯 humble

I'd love to make the fecker cry 😭
thousands of times he's got me
Mood like⤵️

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My question to @rickygervais You wake up one morning and notice that you have got an extra arm (and hand of course) added on your body during the night. If you could choose, where on your body would you place it and why? Would you be happy or upset? #rickysbollocks

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Inspired by #rickysbollocks 🥺
Here we have absolutely nothing to see here other than a Cow 🐄 travelling on a Volvo Roof Rack , heading South down the River Severn in Shrewsbury (or Screwsbury) Nanny Marie tells me.

@rickygervais @SrMac14

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@rickygervais I loved tonight's #rickysbollocks I'm in Madrid atm and trying to help animal charities here. I'm trying to adopt from a colony, as I've done before in Andalucía. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about a paintball gun with red paint for the f*cking Toreros, any advice?

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What rhymes with virus?

I think papyrus.


Lyrical genius.
Gonna make it some day. X

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@EriKittyCat1 @meowitsjoey @Kermit_fat_cat @mustnappeers @lufflyLu @PickliciousF Our Mr. Ricky Gervais during #rickysbollocks today... 😾

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Did I miss anything good tonight? #rickysbollocks

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Another classic #rickysbollocks 😂

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@rickygervais I really like the idea that you bathe before each #rickysbollocks like a ceremonial ritual! Where's your smoking jacket? 😂 (and get some saline eye drops to get the soap out) Love, mom. 😉

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☘️🐾👏Restless night @rickygervais sang opening to #ColinCovidTheMusical before revealing his main embaressement would be falling - 'I've fallen on my back coming in the gate,' but made distinction he was not of the age to yet be 'having a fall.' #RickysBollocks aging well. Ta!

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks Tony: His agent reckons that he was [raped] by the ghost of Liberace.  
Matt: Could be true. 
Tony: How could it be true? 

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@LeopoldLoveday @rickygervais That’s a good question. Cooper would like to know about that too. However the heat must be turned on before he ventures out any further.
We are are waiting for #rickysbollocks coffee in hand, and one chihuahua , 10 am PST . Cheers!

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks I've seen funny pictures/videos of people re-enacting favorite movie scenes with their cats. If Pickle & you were to re-enact one of your favorite movie scenes, what would be your choice?

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@rickygervais Evening Ricky. How many guitars do you own & do you have a favourite? Mine are like children, I love one of them far more than the others 😉 #rickysbollocks

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Here’s another chance to answer this deeply existential and rather thought provoking shite question of mine, @rickygervais. #rickysbollocks

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Do you see a difference in American and British TV comedies?

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99% chimpanzee. 100% bollocks.
Tonight at 6pm. #rickysbollocks @rickygervais

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@rickygervais Bonjour Monsieur Ricky. Why you no answer questions from zee French - here is my question si vous plait - which of your series would best translate into a musical - I think it would be Afterlife #rickysbollocks #vivelefrance

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks #TalkingBollocks 🙏🏼❤🐾🐾Not a question ...Just a huge heartfelt thank you to you and your 'Best fans in the world ' !!! A shout out to them at 6pm ?🙏🏼 they ( and you ) so deserve the thanks .... kindness is magical 🙏🏼❤🐾🐾

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks #TalkingBollocks I'm Tray -( Susie Hope fur angel )you have the best fans in the world !❤ so many have reached out to me in hospital and I'm beyond grateful..any chance of a thank you to them all at 6pm ?🙏🏼❤kindness is magical

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@SusieHope7 @rickygervais Hospitals suck, @SusieHope7 ... glad you are on the mend & have #RickysBollocks to look forward to! Here’s a boop from me!

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Hello @rickygervais

You woke up and find yourself an angel, and you can choose spiders or cockroaches to speak to, who would you choose?🙂

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#rickysbollocks #talkingbollocks Hello @rickygervais What was it like growing up with 3 siblings? I’m guessing there were a lot of pranks played on each other?

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks #TalkingBollocksnot just a huge heartfelt thank you 🙏🏼 while having tests Drs have allowed your re runs of Twitter broadcasts to be played loud..helped and getting me through. Drs have a laugh also.they are fans..cu at 6pm🙏🏼🐾❤

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks #TalkingBollocks In RickyGervais Twitter broadcast community I've been shown such kindness..currently lots of tests hospital & feeling scared..any chance you can say thank you to all on 6pm live🙏🏼I'm Tray.

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks I asked my cat Feebie for this, so it's stupid but brilliant.
You are restricted to speaking only 5 words for the next 5 years, what would they be? If you try to speak other words it comes out as a meow which cats will understand.

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks If you had children, what would be the best philosophical lesson you would teach them?
PS- I do enjoy the show. It's at 4am in Australia and helps with my Insomnia... in a good way! I get to have a listen, have a laugh & then go to sleep happy🤩

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@rickygervais #rickysbollocks. After all the questions you have been asked and answered so far on here, have they given you any ideas for AL3 or your comedy? Thanks.

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@meowitsjoey @rickygervais Ohhh, Mr. Joey.. we feel your pain! Gosh, this #RickysBollocks will be MEWOZING today! ❤️🐾

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Hi @rickygervais #rickysbollocks #talkingbollocks 🐾

A lot of the time, you can just laugh things off rather than get embarrassed, but what is one thing that would really embarrass you if it were to happen in public? It’s emerging from the vets in a cone of shame for me... 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Dear @rickygervais, here’s a question for tonight’s #rickysbollocks:

Has Pickle found out about throwing the Taco off the side of the stairs yet? In your Insta live she looked like she was considering doing that.

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Hey @rickygervais here’s my question for today’s #rickysbollocks Enjoy your day, see ya later! 👋🐶

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#rickysbollocks @rickygervais Recycled question today: ⭐️Everyone quotes shows & movies they love for shits and giggles, but do you ever find yourself quoting your own stuff? Maybe to make Jane laugh?

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We Will Guess Your Education Level in 21 Questions

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Instead of asking a question for #RickysBollocks today, I’d like to say #ThankYouSirRicky @rickygervais!
Your bollocks help us adjust to this mad world.
Here’s a tribute performed by Rupert @WeatherDog3 and The Ballsacks @meowitsjoey @jim73194352 @Kermit_fat_cat @bella_beddywhip.

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Good news, @rickygervais: you don’t have a gumboil. Bad news is: it’s your long lost parasitic twin Rocky, who’s awakened inside your mouth. Seperating you is too risky and Rocky now wants to pursue his dream of becoming a gynaecologist. What do you do ? #rickysbollocks

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