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@brucedes @rickygervais Congratulations and thank you. Now for your Knighthood. #ThankYouSirRicky

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Thank you so much for answering my question, Ricky : 7.20 - 9.06 😁♥️ #Birthday #milestone #guitar
@rickygervais #TalkingBollocks #ThankYouSirRicky

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@rickygervais #ThankYouSirRicky #TalkingBollocks
Thank you so much for answering my question, Ricky. It made my birthday very memorable ... and also fantastic !! 😁♥️🎂👍 🎸
#guitar_lessons #music #Best_Birthday_Ever

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🎉 Well Done You Deserve This #ThankYouSirRicky 🎉

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#AfterLife has won another award!
Thank you @tvtimesmagazine and everyone who voted 🙏

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For a #TuesdayShoutout this is the best!

I am so happy about the friends I have made all around the world, connections & the daily laughs...

#Love #Peace #Kindness ♥️🐕♥️🐕♥️🐕♥️🐕♥️
Gunner, Andy & Family
#dogsoftwitter @rickygervais #ThankyouSirRicky @mustnappeers

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This @rickygervais is why you and your fans are the bee’s knees. #ThankyouSirRicky @mustnappeers @jim73194352 @WeatherDog3 @meowitsjoey

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You may be a Knight of the Emoji table of Twitterland, but @rickygervais you're the King of #TalkingBollocks. You've created the 'no makeup selfie' of comedy. It's unhinged, unscripted and completely unfiltered. #ThankyouSirRicky

Everyone should be watching this shite. 👇👇👇👇

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@rickygervais #ThankYouSirRicky I wanted to say thank u for not taking those millions I hope our love & thankfulness is worth a million to u I loved ur dance with Pickle u made me laugh when u said we’re the idiots watching a grown man dance with a cat Colin Covid is great his voice just right

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@jim73194352 @rickygervais "What a beautiful film Gunner woof! #ThankYouSirRicky, my amazing hero, for being such a thoughtful, dedicated & generous friend during #lockdown. You raise the spirits of so many, raise money for us dogs & keep us all happy with hilarious banter !! We love you so much." 🐾🙏❤️

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#ThankYouSirRicky for all you’ve done and the genuine kindness you’ve shown us, especially since March.

I know I tweet for many when I say you definitely saved 2020 in more ways than one @rickygervais! ❤️🍷 #Cheers #TattyHi #TattyBye #rickysbollocks #netflix #AfterLife

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@rickygervais I know i'm late,i take care of my little kid and no had much time...i wanna say #ThankyouSirRicky for the good moments u give people with your broadcast in this hard time. Joy,funny faces,Colin Covid, every answer,even a dance with Pickle! and ur love to animals👏🙏

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On holiday from school becoming nocturnal and laughing at this #ThankYouSirRicky #rickysbollocks -

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#ThankYouSirRicky for brightening our days during #covid

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@jim73194352 @olliecomicstrip @rickygervais Gunner, that's a beautiful poem! #ThankYouSirRicky ❤❤❤👍👍👍

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@rickygervais I'm so glad you are sharing Pickle with us! She is adorable and so special! @PickliciousF #ThankYouSirRicky for helping all the animals, and sharing you stories! You've brightened up this horrific time we are trying to get through!❤❤❤😽😽😽👍👍👍💯

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@rickygervais @galgos_GIN @AllDogsMatter @Nowzad @themayhew @Paws2RescueUK @wildlifeaid @AnimalsAsia #ThankYouSirRicky for everything you do for animals and for keeping us laughing! You are very loved!!! ❤🐱🐺🐯🐻🐦🐴🐰🐷🐣❤

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#ThankYouSirRicky for giving some laughter in my #life . I am able to see you clear across the ocean in #America . It is the best medicine! #2020 #Comedy #funny @rickygervais

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You are definitely Saint Ricky to us! Dogs, cats and Parrots! 🤣🐦❤️❤️ #ThankYouSirRicky I will definitely send some of my banana chip money to a charity for the animals. 🐦❤️ #RickysBollocks #TalkingBollocks Have a listen if you haven’t already. Never a dull moment!!

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#ThankyouSirRicky or as you wish #ThankyouSaintRicky 😁

Cheers to you & I hope you see how far your kindness has reached & all the people you have made smile

Now, let’s get you in the driver’s seat 🚗 😊

Gunner, Andy & Family 🐕🇨🇦🐕🇲🇽
#dogsoftwitter #AdoptDontShop

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What does it mean to me being a @rickygervais fan?. I compare it to my favourite music : there's always something to lift, inspire, or comfort me.

And #ThankYouSirRicky for helping to make me bulletproof.

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@rickygervais @galgos_GIN @AllDogsMatter @Nowzad @themayhew @Paws2RescueUK @wildlifeaid @AnimalsAsia #ThankYouSirRicky
Donated to @wildlifeaid to help hedgehogs which are in decline.
Thanks for tonight's broadcast 👌

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Here’s to Saint Tommy Chubbington, the patron saint of twitter’s cats and dogs! Aka @rickygervais, the richest man in Bedford Falls. ❤️🌟


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@rickygervais #ThankYouSirRicky for being kind to animals and making mum laugh lots since March 😄🙏👍💕

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@rickygervais #ThankYouSirRicky
We get to gather during isolation to listen, talk & share.
You are our voice in the wilderness with a hyenas laugh that is music to my ears. We can forget the storm, laugh & be silly. Reassuring us with a lovely tatty bye & be nice to animals. ❤️

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Amount of love,respect,admiration,gratitude I have for you is unmeasurable! Thank you for being who you are and sharing a part of your life with us since the beginning of this madness! #rickysbollocks #ThankYouSirRicky #gratitude 🧡🙏🏻

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You are an outstanding human being, loved by many, including my cats & me. #ThankYouSirRicky for ALL YOU DO! #rickysbollocks is the shite! See you soon Mr. Long Neck Chubbington aka @rickygervais #bekindtowardsanimals

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Ohhhh, and WE LOVE THE PICKLE DANCE! “🎵Do the Pickley Pickle🎵🎶” ❤️🐾❤️. Tatty Bye, Sir @rickygervais #ThankYouSirRicky

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@rickygervais Thank you for bringing another 30 minutes of fun #rickysbollocks although you almost had me blabbing again when you were genuinely humbled by the comments today. What a lovely man 😊. Please post the link to the charities. 👍 #ThankYouSirRicky

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#ThankYouSirRicky Brilliant! You're a good man @rickygervais

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Here are the 7 charities I mentioned - @galgos_GIN @AllDogsMatter @Nowzad @themayhew @Paws2RescueUK @wildlifeaid @AnimalsAsia

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My Dad also made a video for @rickygervais for his #TalkingBollocks because he loves him and all our Twitter friends. #ThankYouSirRicky

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Let’s get it trending....


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Instead of asking a question for #RickysBollocks today, I’d like to say #ThankYouSirRicky @rickygervais!
Your bollocks help us adjust to this mad world.
Here’s a tribute performed by Rupert @WeatherDog3 and The Ballsacks @meowitsjoey @jim73194352 @Kermit_fat_cat @bella_beddywhip.

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HUGE thank you to @rickygervais for #talkingbollocks throughout #lockdown. It has helped humans maintain mental well-being and also helped countless dogs from sales of #StreetDog #ThankYouSirRicky #RickysBollocks

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
Now is your chance to rise above the rest.
Unmatched performance, purposeful engineering, modern design.
Gear up with a machine as savage as you are.
Stylish outside.
Savage inside.

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