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@AnushkaSharma @VOGUEIndia @Anaita_Adajania We love @imVkohli ❤️

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@AnushkaSharma @VOGUEIndia @Anaita_Adajania This is such a dreamy shoot @AnushkaSharma ❤️

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@AnushkaSharma @VOGUEIndia @Anaita_Adajania What to do to avoid Corona virus:
1- Avoid putting hands in eyes, nose and mouth
2- Be careful while traveling in public transport
3- Avoid shaking hands
4- Avoid going to crowded place
Maintain personal hygiene and physical distance.
6- Make a habit of washing hands frequently.

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#WWE #SmackDown | Kevin Owens se enfrentará a Roman Reigns por el Campeonato Universal en un Last Man Standing match en #RoyalRumble 2021.

🔵"KO" reemplazará a Adam Pearce tras la firma de contrato en Friday Night SmackDown.

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Bayley giving Jenny Jones energy. #SmackDown #DingDongHello

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Who’s Cesaro’s best tag team partner? ... #SmackDown

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Elon Musk is the richest why should we care?
People out here starving can't afford healthcare
Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey treats us unfair
If only they treated us like Bitcoin shares #SmackDown #IAmNotABot1 @jack @elonmusk

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#WrestlingInsiders Fundraiser

#Fiend #BrayWyatt Autographed @WWEShop 11x14 Art Print
1 of 50
#TonyAtlas on-air shout-out!

Keep #WWF Wrestling Legends WORKING @Patreon
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#SmackDown #WWERaw

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The only bad thing about Owens facing Reigns at the Rumble, is that Owens won't be able to win the Rumble now.

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