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 5 months ago

Quoted @fcandorra

🆕 Marc Pedraza, nou jugador del @fcandorra!

🆕 Marc Pedraza, nuevo jugador del @fcandorra!

🆕 Marc Pedraza, new @fcandorra player!

👉 + info:


😍 @fcandorra

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 5 months ago
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 5 months ago

@3gerardpique @fcandorra Hay q mejorar esa camiseta eh, es muy fea

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@3gerardpique @fcandorra Focus on the damn game please

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 5 months ago

@3gerardpique @fcandorra Creó que Piqué hay veces que se le da mejor invertir que jugar al fútbol la verdad

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@3gerardpique @fcandorra Wode3 make u people no win against Bayern u go see

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 5 months ago

@3gerardpique @fcandorra Un buen jugón te llevas Gerardo

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 5 months ago

@3gerardpique @fcandorra تف لا هلا و لا مرحبا

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 5 months ago

@3gerardpique @fcandorra Cadê a foto do menino ney no perfil?

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 5 months ago

@3gerardpique @fcandorra Animo para la nueva temporada

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Can you feel the magic on this one ?✨ Was walking along the neighborhood and saw this beautiful alley.
#picoftheday #dailyphoto #SaturdayRTE #photography #photo #SaturdayThoughts

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Since Mexico has refused to pay for it, Biden has halted construction of the border wall.

#SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts #SaturdayMotivation #CrossConnection

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Trying to stay warm on this January morning. Nothing like a couple of cats on my lap.
#Caturday #SaturdayThoughts

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#SaturdayThoughts A series of #storms are said to be heading our way. Have you checked the drainage around your property lately? Be prepared, take care and stay safe! #flooding #rain

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Happy Birthday, Bob Moses! Began work in #CivilRights Movement in Mississippi in 1961. Leader for #VotingRights #FreedomSummer, Freedom Schools, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party & @AlgebraProject. #macfellow #SaturdayThoughts #History #HistoryMatters

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