Even with his busy schedule, Dr. Fauci took the time to sit down with me (AGAIN) and talk about what we’ve gotten right and what we’ve gotten wrong. Let’s continue to be positive! #StateOfInspiration

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@Splasherz30 Very love it!

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Want to keep learning from Dr. Fauci? 👀 my YouTube page to check out the full conversation! 👇🏽

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 1 month ago

@Kanyefan403 @StephenCurry30 I mean can expect anything less from a Kayne fan 🤣

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@MiguelBargas_ Profile picture Miggy.


 1 month ago

@StephenCurry30 1st Bill Gates and now Dr Faucci ... Steph you need to wake up !!! Or your one of them too 🧐

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 1 month ago
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 1 month ago

@StephenCurry30 look at curry man

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 1 month ago
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#VisibleNonbinary what's up my name's Jackson and I'm cute and like to draw

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Yo I'm a huge gay. I have sex with men, but only big purple men with statue-like musculature. I only have sex with marvel comic characters. #VisibleNonbinary

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Omg ?? What ! #VisibleNonbinary hiiiii 💜 I’m Ray I use they/them pronouns!! I came out one year ago to my mom as of yesterday (Dec 1 2019 I came out)

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and yes i left the name space empty because i hate my real name and i cant think of another one.

also sorry for being a bit awkward thats just the way i am anyway cya. #VisibleNonbinary

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hi my name is.

i am a nonbinary experimental electronic musician and i would really appreciate if you would take a listen to my stuff.


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#VisibleNonbinary hiii im dark! im a nonbinary lesbian (i use any pronouns) and i like drawing furries!!!

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Hi #VisibleNonbinary I’m Eza and I’m super new to digital art, but here’s my first three pieces ✨

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#VisibleNonbinary im viktor i buy a lot of anime bases to use for my art cuz im very burnout and have awful artblock but heres things ive drawn that i like. im a mixed black bi nb cotton candy blob

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