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 3 months ago

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Kal SHER aa raha hai...💪🏻

#RamarajuForBheemTomorrow 🌊🔥

#RRRMovie #RamarajuForBheem

Tomorrow! #RamarajuforBheem

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Women have no rights in sports. But liberals say they want women rights while taking their rights? Huh??? #BidenErasedWomen

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(Trans) women will never be a women.

Just because they change the outer appearance to look like a “women”.

There still a male they could never have the same experience as a biological female. #BidenErasedWomen

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Why are TERFs so afraid of their own identities? Recognizing trans women in no way takes away or threatens my own identity as a woman. Opening arms to all is hardly #BidenErasedWomen 🤦‍♀️

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#BidenErasedWomen who stepped forward about him being a rapist, is what this hashtag should be about. Fuck TERFS.

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#BidenErasedWomen covering up the transphobic tag with support for trans people

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#BidenErasedWomen hey shut the fuck up with your bigoted psyops

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Don't let partisanship get in the way of your common sense
You know including males in women's sports is unfair.
You know making women choose to validate feelings and give up their own opportunities is sexist.
You can be liberal and disagree with Biden on this.

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All you karens on TERF Island gotta mind your own business. #BidenErasedWomen

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