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Happy birthday @ParineetiChopra have a truly blessed year in all that you do friend! 🌸🌸

Thank youuu!!! ✨🙏🏻

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 1 month ago

@ParineetiChopra Wish you happy birthday .God bless.

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@ParineetiChopra Ur fans are saying happy birthday and u dont reply to them u reply to those with more followrs...that shows ur mentality..am disappointed

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 1 month ago
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 1 month ago

@ParineetiChopra Happy Birthday Paro, love you always.

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@ParineetiChopra आप क्रोनोलॉजी समझ लीजिए
पहले वैक्सीन बिहार को मिलेगी

फिर बंगाल को

फिर 2022 में उत्तरप्रदेश को

फिर यदि बच गयी तो 2024 में पूरे भारत को..लेकिन शर्त ये की भाजपा को हर हाल में वोट करना होगा,तभी वैक्सीन मिलेगी।

जब तक आपके राज्य में चुनाव की घोषणा नहीं होती, तब तक तंदूरी बनाते रहिए

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 1 month ago

@ParineetiChopra Lot's of love from your fans

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@ParineetiChopra Happy birthday maam may God bless u

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Oh no @MaurkicePouncey is on the Covid list. Hope he is ok. #HereWeGo

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Today’s game, when it was originally scheduled, had Pittsburgh at -4 (-115 odds).

The Steelers are currently -10.5 (-110) favorites. Hope you hammered early and often 💰🔨

#HereWeGo | #RavensFlock

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😷💛🖤🏈 #HereWeGo
...just doesn’t sound the same as PRIME TIME.
All those Christmas tree lighting viewers so excited to see that funky tree at 30Rock🤭

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I’ve been waiting all day for Wednesday afternoon!! @SNFonNBC @steelers #HereWeGo

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Let's whoop some rat bird ass. They deserve to pay for what they've put us through.


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Proof is in our game. #Steelers #HereWeGo

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