What’s wrong with Instagram? #Instagram

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@BaliKanav Profile picture Kanav Bali🏏


 2 weeks ago

@ParineetiChopra 100 of things. Which one are you talking about?😂

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@SANJAYLOVEU Profile picture sanjay singh


 2 weeks ago

@ParineetiChopra Kya hua pari tell me I will handle it

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@ParineetiChopra Everything 🤠 #Instagram

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@djmars0019 Profile picture Mars


 2 weeks ago

@ParineetiChopra Lol Don't know never used it

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Drew mr I plier hopefully to make him feel better :D
#GetWellSoonMark #markiplier #markiplierfanart

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Get well soon @markiplier❤️I'm glad you said it's not as bad as last time but I wish you the fastest recovery as you become one with the NG tube. #GetWellSoonMark

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#GetWellSoonMark!! I know you said nothing is life-threatening but I hope you understand that you can take as long as you need to rest off of the Internet. Love ya man!

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This year has gone from Bad to Worse, i hope he feels better soon. #GetWellSoonMark

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Please take care we worry about you, get well soon Mark!! 😭❤️😭 #GetWellSoonMark

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alright but


all trending at the same time--

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