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@LFVCL @SethMacFarlane I Really Would Like To Get These Pops Signed By You @SethMacFarlane

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@avp60685 @LFVCL @SethMacFarlane Not a scientist ^

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@LFVCL @SethMacFarlane I was expecting the Thomas Dolby song, but whatever.

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@LFVCL @SethMacFarlane People die at the fair.

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With both Moderna and Pfizer announcing the successful development of a vaccine that appears to be over 90% effective, take a minute to appreciate how fucking amazing that is. A group of scientists will have beaten a novel disease less than a year after its outbreak. Go science.

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Meu deus meu Spotify bugou ??? Fui ouvir o #PLASTICHEARTS e tá travando. QUALQUER música para de tocar quando chega nos 9 segundos. Podreeeeee lixooooooo

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They say it’s bad karma when you live a double life #PLASTICHEARTS @MileyCyrus

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Finally found it at the record store YUP #PLASTICHEARTS

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Obrigado, Miley! #PLASTICHEARTS

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to tentando escutar #plastichearts mas chega nos 10s de qualquer música e simplesmente para de tocar

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