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This crow has a degree in physics.

If Archimedes were a bird…

A thirsty Magpie, displaces water with stones, allowing it to drink continually from the top of the bottle. That’s Badass.

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 5 days ago

@Billy_el_flaco @neiltyson I know I read this and I thought am I the only one who read Aesop's fables as a child?

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@PawelT_PL @neiltyson Weight doesn’t have to do anything with the water displacement though

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 6 days ago

@fractal_beings @neiltyson It that real or cgi🧐

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 6 days ago
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@neiltyson This the Aesop's Fables movie we've been waiting for?

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 6 days ago

@neiltyson This is actually so cool

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 6 days ago

@neiltyson Eureka !!!

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@neiltyson Interdimensional Beings found in nature.

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@neiltyson Ants do that too

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@jsolomonReports @realDonaldTrump These "wins" have as much legal relevance as trump pardoning a turkey before Thanksgiving

When partisan politicians hold partisan events for partisan purposes it's less than a non-event

But thanks for keeping your fine standard of reporting🙄


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A grown man wearing a ball gown is not normal and I wish it wouldn't become normalcy 🤷🏾‍♀️

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Creativeness encompasses the fiery potentiality of the sacred fire of the heart.

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We want you to chase perfect sunsets!

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AGIP is the only oil company I know about in Ukwuani/Ndokwa. Problems everywhere. Improper governance is the root. #nationalid #HipHopVideo #wednesdaythought #Oscars #DigitalNigeria #COVID19 #BlackFriday #Nigeria #RIPHeavyD #EndViolenceAgainstWomen #TwitterLawSuit

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