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This dynamic repeats itself over and over: conservative elites thinking they can control and manage mobs and demagogues and then getting bit in the ass. In my opinion this is the entire story of the modern American right.

Sadly accurate. Otherwise reasonable, moderate conservatives “held their noses” and supported Trump, believing it a necessary cost for the furthering of their agenda. But it is delusional to believe you can control a populist mob once you let it loose, as Carlson is now learning.

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 4 days ago
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@SethMacFarlane Carlson will still have a job when this is over, and it will be forgotten. Also, what agenda do you think moderate conservatives have?

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@SethMacFarlane Pretty much every horror story ever has the same moral: you cannot control monsters, whether you create them or not. How people don't get this is beyond me.

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@SethMacFarlane This is a subscription based news feed. Don't bother trying to read on NY Times. Look elsewhere for same story.

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 4 days ago

@SethMacFarlane The fact that conservativism in America has evolved from disagreements at the diner table to almost outright facism is actually kinda sad.

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 4 days ago

@SethMacFarlane Those who forget history... The lessons of the 1930's ignored. They now come home to roost.

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 4 days ago

@SethMacFarlane This is an interesting perspective from a guy who has right wing populists in his shows...

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 4 days ago
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@SethMacFarlane Republic, lead. Democracy, mob

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