A COVID ICU patient in Texas told a nurse the virus is “fake news.” A Calif. nurse was mocked for wearing a mask. As a new wave of COVID sweeps the country, health care workers are grappling with the consequences of the president’s misinformation machine.

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 3 days ago

@HeyLougle @SethMacFarlane What are you blabbing on about, exactly?

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 3 days ago

@SethMacFarlane Is it criminal if we treat a fake disease with a placebo?

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 3 days ago

@SethMacFarlane ICU patient up and watching TV, hmm.

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@SethMacFarlane They are literally gasping for air on 50 liters of vapotherm and are going to die but refuse to believe it's COVID

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@SethMacFarlane Sickening isn't it.

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@SethMacFarlane Can you please shout out my Twitter please I watch all your movies and shows

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 3 days ago

@SethMacFarlane Help us, @JoeBiden. You're our only hope. #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

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@SethMacFarlane Good lord. If they are in ICU and still want to ride on that horse there's no helping some people.

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@RiedellAndrew That list will include Andy Greene very soon and could also include Sebastian Aho as of now. Will depend on how much the #isles spend on their remaining contracts whether or not Hickey is on the opening night roster. Want to get as close to cap as possible before using LTIR.

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Thank you @joboych for all that you have done for this organization! We all wish you the best in recovery and in retirement.
#isles #HockeyTwitter

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I live/work in the Boston area, so I knew @joboych was a fan favorite before the trade to the #isles. It didn't take long to understand why and why my friends here were so sad to see him go. Grit, hustle, determination, class and a rocket of a shot. Thank you JB!💙🧡💙🧡

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Johnny Boychuk what a class act. He made the #Isles better. Hopefully he can work for the organization in help develop some of the young blue liners in the system. Thanks Johnny @eyesonislesFS

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With Johnny Boychuk not on the roster next year would you:

1) Sign Zdeno Chara
2) See Noah Dobson play.


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With the sad departure of Boychuk, the Islanders are left with 6 defensemen under contract. #Isles

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