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During a visit to the Persian Gulf, U.S.. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is touting the Trump administration’s Iran policy. Analysts expect President-elect Joe Biden to be more willing to engage with Iran.

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@AP_Politics @AP Hmmm. Touting a failed policy. Very on-brand for this administration.

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@AP_Politics @AP Not sure why the Iranians (or any other country) are still meeting with Pompeo (other than to cover stuff up before they leave). Just wait the current admin out and start reaching out to Biden's administration. Anything Pompeo says has an expiration date. He has no leverage.

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@AP_Politics Ignore Pompeo, his power is gone!

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@AP_Politics @AP Our policy on Iran should reflect that of the world, not what a few gulf states want.

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@AP_Politics We all heard about T's policy.

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@AP_Politics Arabic Gulf

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@AP_Politics You're not getting your rapture, Mikey, no matter how hard you try.

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Michigan COVID-19
Stadium Death toll
Full with 258k

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