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After arriving in #Australia, both players will have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine period


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@CricketNDTV @ndtv get them to australia.they can rest and do rehab in quarantine 14 days. they hav a full set of physio & trainers ther.Y cant these people think practically in a pandemic time.they shud already have been with team like saha is inspite of being injured & being monitored ther itself

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5th penalty on Wisconsin against just 1 for #iufb. Definitely an early factor in this tight game.

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Not a penalty you see every game: Wisconsin is offsides on the kickoff. Yardage added to the end of the touchback spot. #iufb

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Big drive upcoming. A score would be a bonus, but we at least need a couple of first downs. #Iufb #leo

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Now a offsides on the kickoff.

Wisconsin's special teams is having a rough afternoon.

IU starts at their own 30. #iufb

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If we can get another TD here Wisconsin doesn't exactly seem like an offensive explosion waiting to happen. #iufb

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Changed the color to red for the @IndianaFootball game!
Go @IUHoosiers

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Drive home from soccer and @SIRIUSXM gave my kid a chance to hear Don Fischer. “Dad, this announcer is really good.”

Yep 💯 #iufb

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