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 1 week ago

Joe Biden's first Cabinet picks are coming Tuesday and planning is underway for a pandemic-modified inauguration, his incoming chief of staff says. Ron Klain says the Trump administration’s refusal to begin the transition is taking a toll on planning.

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 1 week ago

@AP_Politics @AP Keep all the receipts and send a bill to Trump. Then sue him for non payment. After that, file a lien against his properties and a garnishment on his bank accounts.

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 1 week ago

@AP_Politics @AP They have no right to pick a cabinet unless and until they can establish the legitimacy of an election which from where I stand as a UK citizen looks increasingly fraudulent.

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 1 week ago

@AP_Politics @AP OOOH poor Joe

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@AP_Politics Do an inauguration like they did for the DNC, which was wonderful!

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@spacecowlady @AP_Politics That was intentional, because he doesn't want us to realize that the cabinet is going to be full of shitty people.

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@AP_Politics are his Cabinet picks aware of the 25th Amendment?

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 1 week ago

@AP_Politics You mean he picked a Cabinet without making a spectacle of it all?? What a great President - elect!!

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It’s #WorldAIDSDay and people are more scared of the #ChinaVirus god dam sheeple

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#ChampionsLeague #CristianoRonaldo
#WorldAIDSDay #WallyAdeyemo #LoveByRanking #RealMadrid

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@BBCNWT You guys really need to do some research before coming up with ideas like this! Its #WorldAIDSDay and the red ribbon is the symbol of that. You're in danger of alienating LGBTQ+ community.

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SO ignorant that it’s just ridiculous. It’s #WorldAIDSDay, absolutely not okay to completely take their symbol on their day. Disgusting.

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🍽️It is difficult to be positive with an empty stomach.

People living with #HIV and their families are facing income inequalities and social exclusion.

WFP supports them providing food, cash and vouchers. #WorldAIDSDay

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