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 2 days ago

Watch | Former Congress MLA #RoshanBaig Arrested By CBI In Ponzi Scam Case

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 2 days ago

@ndtv He was a "Suspended" Congress MLA, right ? 🀨

@Pawankhera @brijeshkalappa

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@ndtv Ndtv now be like spineless media .

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 2 days ago

@ndtv Isko headline management bolte hai. NDTV you too ???

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@ndtv NDTV - Narendra Damodars TeleVision.

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@ndtv Is he in Congress@ndtv?

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@ndtv 1 year ego this man suspended by congress and this ex mla support BJP

Itna bhi pata nahi tumhe

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 2 days ago

@ndtv Karnataka Congress leader Roshan Baig calls on BJP leaders, fuels further speculation - The Hindu

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 2 days ago

@ndtv At last, government is hearing the plea of opposition to arrest corrupt leaders in the country....

Another gud catch.πŸ‘

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 2 days ago

@ndtv This person was expelled from @inc in 2019, d article also states that it is @inc coalition govt which charged him for ponzi scheme, still d headline says "former congress mla" @BhavikaKapoor5 @AnshumanSail @sachin_inc

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