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 2 days ago
Need Reforms In Multilateral Organisations For Good Governance: PM At G20

Need Reforms In Multilateral Organisations For Good Governance: PM At G20

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@Aslam_khan_7 @ndtv कुछ भी

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@ndtv Another demonetization??

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@ndtv ट्रिमर कितने सस्ते हो गए है, दिवाली ऑफर्स में एकदम सस्ते मिले थे पता नही अब क्या इनको एकदम फ्री का मिलेगा तब ही यूज़ करेंगे क्या?😁

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 2 days ago

@ndtv Love & Peace first!
Everything follows next!
Hate & Violence worst!
Spreading unrest most!
Choice between ☝️is the criteria for any results.

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@ndtv Need Reforms this goBernment For Good Governance: PM At G20

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 2 days ago

@ndtv Green is the colour of Pakistani flag & PMs Jacket is green as well.

Change in colour is change of HEART.

WELCOME. MASHA ALLAH beard is there. Only scull cap now?

Moulana Modi.

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 2 days ago

@ndtv Oh I thought he meant in the country first. 🤭

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 2 days ago

@ndtv the only thing that need a reform is Indian election system. else it looks like you will be PM forever.

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 2 days ago

@ndtv Need Modi ji to atleast attend one press conference for good governance.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BESTEST BIY EVER, I LOVE YOU #우영아_태어나줘서_Gracias #BornToBeLovedWooyoungDay @ATEEZofficial

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Happy Birthday Wooyoung❤️
You are an inspiration and joy to see on stage! You bring so much power and you own it! I’m so proud of you!!Love ya lots❤️
I hope you like this drawing☺️
#BornToBeLovedWooyoungDay #에이티즈 #우영

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hoy cumples, chiquito precioso y estoy muy agradecida de poder disfrutar de tu existencia y de tu talento. muchas gracias, woo <3
#ATEEZ @ATEEZofficial

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#BornToBeLovedWooyoungDay #ATEEZofficial #우영아_태어나줘서_Gracias
우영 씨, 당신은 또 한 해 성장했습니다. 당신이 성장하는 모습을 볼 수 있다는 사실과 당신이 제가 가장 좋아하는 아티스트라는 사실에 감사드립니다, 당신이 내 인생에서 나를 이끌어 준다고.

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