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Ethiopia’s army warns civilians in the besieged Tigray regional capital there will be 'no mercy' if they don’t 'save themselves' before a final offensive to flush out its defiant leaders — a threat Human Rights Watch says could violate international law.

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@AP_Africa #AfricaUnite4Change Africa is😭😭.🇿🇼 #ZimbabweanLivesMatter, 🇳🇬 #EndSARS,🇳🇦 #ShutItAllDown, 🇨🇩 #CongoIsBleeding,🇨🇲 #EndAnglophoneCrisis,🇿🇦 #AmINext ,🇺🇬#PoliceBrutality,🇹🇿#ZanzibarLivesMatter ,🇦🇴 #VidasAngolaNasImportam ,🇱🇷 #RapeNationalEmergency, 🇪🇹 #Ethiopia & 🇲🇿 #Mozambique.

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@AP_Africa Which is War crime by @AbiyAhmedAli

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@AP_Africa @AP Do honestly think they care?

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 1 week ago

@AP_Africa ‼️War crimes‼️
STOP #TigrayGenocide

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@AP_Africa @AP Isn't that where Bini and Arizona live?

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@AP_Africa @AP Well that reeks of a war crime waiting to happen - from the leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize I might add.

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@AP_Africa I say yes, Abiy wants to destroy Tigrays, and the world is watching.

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@AP_Africa #TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray
@UN @UNPeacekeeping @hrw @humanrights1st @newhumanitarian @UNHumanRights

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Yes, Sting is not the same Sting he was 20 years ago. Or even 10 years ago. Do I want to see him wrestle at 61 years old? Not really. But did I still get excited when he showed up in AEW? Of course I did. I grew up watching Sting. #AEWDynamite

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@sammyguevara thank you for making her day! Just this picture made her trip worth it. She has a rare lung disorder and this was her first big show. So I take a bow and say thank you. #AEWDynamite

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Bin kein Fan von Sting. Aber das Ding war geil. Die Musik, das Licht, der Schnee. Da passte alles 👌👌👌👌 #WinterIsComing #AEWDynamite #aew

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@Sting on Dynamite same night as an @IMPACTWRESTLING crossover is launched. Coincidence?? I think not. I think we all know a Main Event Mafia reunion is inevitable. #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT #AEWxIMPACT #AEWWinterisComing

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No but that's just telling me you want NXT to complete with #AEW well done AEW they got Sting and they had Moxley and Omega main event but other than that it's about their own shows #WWENXT is finishing up build for #WarGames whereas #AEWDynamite they are just focused on dynamite

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If #Sting wasn't enough, the swerve ending of #AEWDynamite was fantastic. One complaint. The gimmick was great as is. Why did @MadKing1981 Eddie Kingston have to grab the mic at the end of the #AEW? The show was done. Didn't need anything else. Talk about putting a hat on a hat

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For me, #WinterIsComing was the best episode of #AEWDynamite so far.

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Now hold on, I didn’t know we were going to have the match of the century!!!!

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