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We'll give a #PS5 Spiderman-Bundle to a random person who retweet this within the next 13 hours. Ships worldwide!

Comment/retweet #FreePS5Wednesday (include cashapp for cash drops) & follow @ChicaLive & myself

Winner selected tonight via link below 🍀

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The 21st of January is #SquirrelAppreciationDay!

The Hiraethog area that includes Llyn Brenig is recognised as the stronghold for red squirrels in Wales. They are hard to spot as the majority of their time is spent high up in the treetops feeding on the seeds of conifer cones.

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Would occasionally see squirrels robbing the bird table, so built a nut box with lid. They soon discoverd it, and how to lift the lid with thier head. We get squirrels now every day this time of year. We now have 3 nut boxes

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Everybody in the 18th c. British American colonies seems to have had a pet squirrel. Henry Pelham with his Flying Squirrel, 1765, by John Singleton Copley (@mfaboston) #SquirrelAppreciationDay

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