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What are some of the best vacations you’ve had?

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A convicted demon hunter is imposed trials by Gods to urge him back into his destined life. He protests their uncompromising ways even after they send a Huntress who can empathize with his plight. # #IWSGPit #A #UF

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Ria raised her sister in the woods, keeping her ID secret at the cost of Ria’s art career. Winning the theater festival could change everything, but if Ria’s sister is discovered to be the king’s child, they may not survive the queen’s wrath

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Danny quit the police in public disgrace. Now a P.I., saving the life of a pregnant reality star set-up for murder will take him to powerful enemies, underground fertility clinics, VR pornographers, and his old synagogue.

#IWSGPit #A #SF #OWN✡️

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Eve’s Gaia-like powers are all that stands between humanity and extinction. It’s made her a target of a super powered army eager to use her for their own goals. She’ll look to Dante, a guilty immortal seeking redemption to help her survive. #IWSGPit #SF #F #YA

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* #IWSGPit - Reminder: Publishers/Agents will favorite/heart pitches they are interested in. Publishers can either Tweet basic submission guidelines or direct writers to their submission guidelines. ****Writers/Friends, please do not favorite/heart pitches.***

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A lonely 10 yo South African Immigrant and a plucky foster child dream up a plan to appear on a children's television show; but before the girls realize stardom, they must first overcome bigotry, sabotage, and time itself as the curtain closes on the summer of 1983. #IWSGPit #MG

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Figg is pretty sure his boyfriend's mom hates him. And he only has a year to fix that before they get separated for good.

On top of that, he's pretty sure he's being stalked. Or blackmailed. Or both.

But no one needs to know that. Right?

#HI #R #LGBT ace #IWSGPit #OWN #ND

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Friend Adventure Story X Treasure Hunt X Trespassing!

Shep Miller meets Rachelle and Jason the first day housesitting for his grandparents over the summer. Determined to impress, he leads them on a treasure hunt on a local farm, despite the farmer's threats.


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