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@idfwshady @Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA Lol you call em b”😂
He is a father to us both

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@Notbryaaaan @Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA Wtf

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@Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA THE GOOOOOAT!

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@Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA You 60

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@Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA What this

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@Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA Donsong with 6ix9ine

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@Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA Belle Delphine FINALLY shows EVERYTHING

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@Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA Goat🐐

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@Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA hey b

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Um, Seth Rogen doesn't love Ted Cruz. I know that because nobody loves Ted Cruz. Not even Ted Cruz loves Ted Cruz.

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You guys know this video where Jeff Sessions knowing pedo Joe Biden says : Touch my granddaughter and see what happens? I'm sure Hunter Biden was molested By Biden.
Championship Sunday

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.@catturd2, what are you doing? You have a voice, yet you're exploiting that voice by inciting and misleading those who listen to you. Cruz is dangerous. His rhetoric is partially responsible for the Capitol attack and the death of 5 people.

Please stop.

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#SethRoganlovesTedCruz I don’t know who Seth “Rogan” is, but I can assure you that Seth Rogen is not phased by this stupid hashtag.

Besides, nobody loves Ted Cruz unless they are brainwashed by MAGA. And even then, it’s iffy

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