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 2 weeks ago

@iamOt7 @bts_bighit Omggggg suga. Missed him

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@iamOt7 Profile picture Wɾeɳ⁷ •°~


 2 weeks ago

@bts_bighit I started 2020 with this yoongi and had such a positive year. Even when there were hurdles i was just happy. I did not wanna start 2021 without all my '7 REASONS' of happiness being there. Thank you for being there BTS💜
#NewYear #NewYearsEvelive #SUGA

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@bts_bighit @btsanalytics SAY THEM THAT I MISS THEM ALREADY

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@bts_bighit I love u guys 😭😭💜💜💜💜😭

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@bts_bighit Thank you! THANK YOU for making the end of the year so special for us. Words can not explain how much we love you. May 2021 bring all the happiness among us.
Happy New Year everyone 💜

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 2 weeks ago

@bts_bighit SEVEN AGAIN

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 2 weeks ago

@bts_bighit + your performances was absolutely perfect!! you guys are amazing!! to see all of you together again made me sooo happy.. thank you so much everything!! forever so proud of you~~ love you so much!!

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@bts_bighit LOVE YOU

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 2 weeks ago

@bts_bighit tysm for all the unforgettable experiences! you guys made 2020 better! i’m thanking each of you so much for all of your hard work & for always being with us.. let’s keep walking together & achieve many more dreams.. can’t wait for all the new upcoming memories.. happy new year!💜

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@wrathsoftware #WrathTakesStock I need to flex with a 5K bot, tired of people laughing at me for using NSB

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@wrathsoftware #WrathTakesStock because I need an Elite Godly Machine to rack up success in 2021 #makeyouproud

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@wrathsoftware #WrathTakesStock because i want to take stock and let wrath fly to the moon

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@wrathsoftware #WrathTakesStock the success says it all... either @iamMIGZ23 or me getting it so we can run slots 🥳😘

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@wrathsoftware There is no bot out there like Wrath because Wrath #WrathTakesStock !

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@wrathsoftware #WrathTakesStock I know that my repost will be ignored, but I still insist on participating in the activity. I hope that one day I can have the opportunity to join in. I hope to have wrath

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