Quoi qu'il arrive, nous sommes ensemble ! Merci @DavidGuetta de nous rassembler en ces premières heures de 2021, de partager ce moment de joie et de culture à la française. Merci aussi de mettre à l'honneur l'Unicef et les Restos du cœur.

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@MrNegito Profile picture Negi 💫☄️


 3 weeks ago

@CosmosFN_ @EmmanuelMacron @davidguetta Tiens ton 1er ratio de 2021

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@EmmanuelMacron @davidguetta Bonne année 2021

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@EmmanuelMacron @davidguetta On est en 2015?

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@EmmanuelMacron @davidguetta M’en fou wsh follow moi le sang

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 3 weeks ago
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#IStandWithKrystina as I go through reporting trolls and racists I can't help noticing that EVERY ONE so far has been a super toxic tr*mp lover. Now that they didn't get their way, they're going to ramp up attacks against marginalized people. We've got a lot of work ahead.

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As a small voice in the ttrpg community, watching someone I earnestly consider a hero being drug through the mud flabbergasts me... There is no time or place for this! #istandwithkrystina

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@TheeDoctorB Definitely playing 'block-a-racist' today. #istandwithkrystina

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I first became aware of Krystina due to her fantastic cosplay and grew to love her voice within the industry and genre spaces. I've been a fan ever since.
She deserves our upmost respect and support. #IStandWithKrystina

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#IStandWithKrystina, who is a wonderful, talented, brilliant person. Everyone stand with her and send a little love her way, today and always. Also, #VerifyKrystinaArielle, she's LONG overdue. 👍❤️

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