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 2 weeks ago

BTS reached new heights this past year with ‘BE’ featuring #1 singles "Life Goes On", "Dynamite" and other Hot 100 charting songs. Get your very own limited edition CD boxset of record-breaking BE at your local online retail store!

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 2 weeks ago

@seokjinsmel @orchtweets Yes this please 🙏🥺

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 2 weeks ago

@orchtweets just give us more vinyls

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@orchtweets please restock life goes on vinyl

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 2 weeks ago

@orchtweets Making it sound like new version & giving us new hope as if it is not the same version from 3 months ago since pre-order & nothing ab it is limited hello😭 stop playing around give us digital album on US /UK store if y'all want something

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@orchtweets I still want the vinyls to restock tho 🥸

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@orchtweets i mean like great marketing strategy but this thing has been on sale since September... idk by this point i would’ve dropped the limited edition thing...

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@orchtweets is it really limited edition tho...

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