Don’t let the cold winter get you down! Warm up with the #HappyAnywhere music video! -Team BS

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 2 weeks ago

@MerdragonSeries @blakeshelton You better have voted Republican

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@beards2012 @blakeshelton from a MEGA rich guy telling a "poor guy" his woman can make him FEEL rich


u don't see that??????

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@blakeshelton Get out there and Vote Georgia!

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@blakeshelton Love this song❤

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 2 weeks ago

@blakeshelton @libertyrun1212 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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 2 weeks ago

@blakeshelton I see nothing wrong with the Minimum wage song

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@blakeshelton I do and and Minimum Wage and all your other music as well 😛😛😛

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@blakeshelton I enjoy so much listening to #HappyAnywhere and watch the video but it would be awesome if the new song was released 👏👏❤️

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@blakeshelton 👍I love your new song cowboy 🙏

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@blakeshelton Have been enjoying your music 🎶 for last last weeks a lot!!!

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Imagine what the score would have been if Mike Evans' talent wasn't stolen by the Monstars. #TBvsGB

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Took Brady one year to tie both Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers with 1 NFC championship #TBvsGB

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Despite a good year it looks like......
the Bills is the Bills...
Can't be punting that damn frequently

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#GoPackGo Should have had Harvey Barnes playing instead of Kevin King, maybe then you wouldn't have bottled another NFC championship game. #TBvsGB #PackersUnited

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@NFL chose Tampa as SB Champs BEFORE season started.

🏆GAME'S FIXED & @NFLOfficiating will cheat & TB will win.

So, Y wld I👀a fixed game where Refs BUTT-FUCK KC or BUF out of a Trophy?

Hey #OnePride - REFS ripped off @packers like they were @Lions, eh?

#TBvsGB or #RefsVsGB

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