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Countless details make Ghost of Tsushima’s stunning vistas and bloody duels all the more striking. How @SuckerPunchProd made it happen:

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@t_sangar13 @PlayStation @SuckerPunchProd One of them is on my shelf.

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@SlowHandsMarais @PlayStation @SuckerPunchProd Yes. Story and online mode

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@PlayStation @SuckerPunchProd Where tf is ps5

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@PlayStation @SuckerPunchProd I’d love a Ps5 to play it on 🤨

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 5 days ago

@PlayStation @SuckerPunchProd Is this game worth it..

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@PlayStation @SuckerPunchProd Dead game dead console

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Been a Bucs fan since I was a kid back around 95. @DevinWhite__40 looked a hell of a lot like @DBrooks55 tonight

#Bucs #Buccaneers #NOvsTB #NFLDivisional

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Love him or hate him, Tom Brady in the post season is something else. Would love to see the Buccs go all the way with the Ravens out now. #NOvsTB

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Lmao the saints are the biggest choke artists in the NFL #NOvsTB

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Drew Brees said not to kneel , and Brady Kneeling sent him home for the playoffs #NOvsTB

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It sucks that @drewbrees ended his career like that, but it really doesn’t matter. His career stats speak for themselves. #FutureHallofFamer #NOvsTB #NFLPlayoffs

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Salute to a legend in the game @drewbrees future hall of famer. And no question the goat @TomBrady @NFL @espn @ProFootballHOF #NOvsTB

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