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Hitman 3's story takes a darker turn, as the IO Interactive team shares insights into the narrative conclusion of the World of Assassination Trilogy, out January 20:

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@Saltyfootball5 @PlayStation Catch this ratio

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@REDDlSH @PlayStation Microsoft owns pc bitch

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@PlayStation It will only be fun if it’s played on Xbox

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@PlayStation Xbox better

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@PlayStation xbox better

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Are these games really going to both come down to dubious FG calls? #AFCChampionship #NFCChampionship

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Just curious, when people hear "Get up offa that thing" by James Brown does anyone else think of Gonzo from "The Muppets" mowing the lawn, because it is all I ever think about. #NFL #NFCChampionship

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Move over Bernie it's Billy's turn 😂

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@theScore @CBSSportsHQ Shameful, a baffling call. Packers fans should be irate for a generation. Not only was it the wrong call given the situation, time, etc, it was insulting to your hall of fame qb.
NO coach would do that to the #GOAT @TomBrady #GBvsTB #NFCChampionship

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LaFleur was in over his head..great regular season coach but has been horrible in the NFC Championship 2 years in a row. He’s the @packers version of Mike Budenholzer #GoPackGo #NFCChampionship

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Matt LaFleur's decision to kick the late FG in #TBvsGB?

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@TomBrady #GOAT This guy keeps on pumping out championships wish he was at @steelers

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Congrats to friends of @Athletico @bobbysla23 & @SDeGraff8 of the @Buccaneers on the #NFCChampionship! Onto #SBLV!

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