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 1 week ago

Here is reconceptualising "Dhakka Laga Bhukka" for Tandav.

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 1 week ago

@arrahman @PrimeVideoIN @AmazonMusicIN @NakulAbhyankar @aliabbaszafar @iHimanshuMehra @teamoffside As Power packed as the original💥 and goose bumps !

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@arrahman @PrimeVideoIN @AmazonMusicIN @NakulAbhyankar @aliabbaszafar @iHimanshuMehra @teamoffside @arrahman ❤️🎶

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@arrahman @PrimeVideoIN @AmazonMusicIN @NakulAbhyankar @aliabbaszafar @iHimanshuMehra @teamoffside Excellent my favourite song it is @arrahman

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@arrahman @PrimeVideoIN @AmazonMusicIN @NakulAbhyankar @aliabbaszafar @iHimanshuMehra @teamoffside Still relevant and fresh..that's the magic of your music which sets you on another league..⚡🔥 sir.

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 1 week ago

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Cobra Teaser

.✒✒ .

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 1 week ago

@arrahman @PrimeVideoIN @AmazonMusicIN @NakulAbhyankar @aliabbaszafar @iHimanshuMehra @teamoffside Cool

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@arrahman @PrimeVideoIN @AmazonMusicIN @NakulAbhyankar @aliabbaszafar @iHimanshuMehra @teamoffside Hello sir can I get a follow back from you please

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 1 week ago

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#SexEdWontTeachYou it is normal for vaginally fluid to cause a "crust" and discoloration in the early days of puberty. And it is normal for vaginal fluid to bleach underwear.

I had a traumatic experience involving my stepmother when I was 12 about this.

It's normal.

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#SexEdWontTeachYou No point putting a tack where a nails been....some good advice there for the smaller gentlemen!

If you suffer from the above.....become a jedi master LICKER👅😱🤪😂😂😂

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#SexEdWontTeachYou about the Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum between Alfred of Wessex and Guthrum, the Viking ruler of East Anglia c. 878-890

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#SexEdWontTeachYou that anything is a dildo if you're brave enough

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#SexEdWontTeachYou that it's normal to have kinks and that it doesn't make you "unnormal" Or "weird"
It also won't teach you what after care is. And that Dom/Sub is not the same as Top/Bottom.

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#SexEdWontTeachYou how to tie a cherry stem with your tongue.

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🚚🚚🚚 #SexEdWontTeachYou

Don’t run out of astroglide.

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