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 5 days ago

GOP splinters on Trump impeachment as House set to rebuke president yet again with just days left in term

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@Penny95625413 @FoxNews 7 days left. What is the point?

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@papajeffro @FoxNews Including the 5 already on trumps hands?

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 5 days ago

@FoxNews If members do not vote to “convict” and there is more blood shed, which is highly likely with all 50 state capitols and inauguration already being threatened, blood will DIRECTLY be ON THEIR HANDS, and should be civilly liable for wrongful death or any injuries.

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 5 days ago

@FoxNews Surely military veterans who join an insurrection should lose their benefits?

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 5 days ago

@FoxNews Money talks. PAC's are gonna suffer, and this is why @senatemajldr is for impeachment.

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 5 days ago

@FoxNews Impeach and remove now.

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@FoxNews Let's do this America!

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 5 days ago

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Trump's America in one picture.


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@DNPthree @ColorWare #FreeSwitch @stray95cat whoever wins this is gonna be so happy!

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@DNPthree @ColorWare A #FreeSwitch would be fantastic to test game development on as well as complete my complete pokémon adventure i'm currently at Gen IV on!

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Why is #FreeSwitch trending? Just buy a switch, smh.

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