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 5 days ago

WATCH NOW: House begins Trump impeachment process as GOP divides over support for rebuke

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 5 days ago

@MogP @FoxNews THIS pic is horrific..

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 5 days ago

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Trump's America in one picture.


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@FoxNews 1.) Not a rebuke, its accountability.
2.) The GOP is dividing not along those lines, they are dividing on the line of who was in support of a fascist insurrection against the US Government based on lies about the election, and who wasn't.

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 5 days ago

@FoxNews And R.Cole Want's More Evidence ... wtf

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@FoxNews Horrible!

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 5 days ago

@FoxNews Proud to see a bipartisan impeachment, but let's not lose track of the fact that the vast majority of the GOP supports Trump and would support him no matter what he did

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 5 days ago

@FoxNews πŸ˜‚

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@FoxNews Tells you a lot about the GOP that sedition divides them.

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@FoxNews Dear Diary: There goes my New Year's Resolution...looks like I'm getting impeached again! 😞

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