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 4 days ago

It's time to be brave. Get a taste for what horrors await in Little Nightmares II by tiptoeing through the free demo, available today on PS4 and PS5:

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 4 days ago

@PlayStation Get working on ps5 for target please

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@PlayStation My birthday is on Monday can I get a happy birthday from y’all

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 4 days ago

@PlayStation Xbox has better exclusives and a better console and cheaper elite controller

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 4 days ago

@PlayStation Xbox is so much better

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 4 days ago
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The patriots of the American Revolution had one Benedict Arnold, we've got two. #ExpelThemBoth

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@ReallyAmerican1 The incoming Justice Department needs to prosecute both Cruz and Hawley for treason.


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#ByeHawleyAndCruz #ExpelThemBoth #ExpelTedCruz #ExpelHawley #TrumpTraitors #TrumpTreason #CruzResign #HawleyResign #HawleyIsATraitor #CruzIsATraitor #January6th #TrumpRiot #Insurrection #Sedition

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With traitors like @tedcruz and @HawleyMO the only thing to do is #ExpelThemBoth

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