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 4 days ago

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends Trump ban, but admits company's power sets 'dangerous' precedent

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 4 days ago

@FoxNews Twitter failed!!!

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 4 days ago

@FoxNews One more Heroin needle away from looking like Hunter Biden... no wonder

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@FoxNews They banned 70k plus, not just trump.

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@FoxNews Dangerous precedent is having someone like Trump stay in office a moment longer after organizing and inciting an armed insurrection to overthrow the US govt to remain in power.

Dangerous precedent is a GOP in thrall to Trump and refusing to uphold their oaths.

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@FoxNews How about some Republican personal responsibility for once? Follow the TOS.

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I don’t know who thought this was a good idea. #AbolishICE

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ICE, NFL, and Ivanka Trump and their MLK posts? 🥴🥴🥴 Uh let me log off Twitter for the rest of the day #AbolishICE

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ICE just posted a “tribute” to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today. Really? They detain and deport thousands of immigrants, and separate children from their families. Dr. King would be ashamed of them. Hypocrites! 😡 #AbolishICE @MrsStrescha @ska_penguin @MSNBC @maddow @Lawrence

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For separating families, putting kids in cages & losing track of them ... Stop taking the words of someone you would discriminate against to call for unity when you constantly cause division. Your actions honor nothing his legacy represents. #AbolishICE

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