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 2 days ago

👣 @AmadDiallo_19 is finding his feet with a little help from @EricBailly24 ❤️

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@OnkaIsRed @ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Do we need a Cb as much as a CDM and RB?

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 2 days ago

@ExplainngFT @ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 What dreams are made of 🇾🇪

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 2 days ago

@BismiIIah_ @ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Too early

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@juiceride @ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Out of 9k Ur following 8 u don't have dear of God

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@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Coming in in the 77th minute against Liverpool to score and shout F*ck off scousers

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 2 days ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Stop milking this summer signing and sign a CB.

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 2 days ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Win the cup, win the fans

Follow @strong_leaders to learn about strong mentality and leadership.

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 2 days ago
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 2 days ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 start him against fulham next week

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 2 days ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 if you are here on Twitter to make friends follow me I follow back

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#1yearwithblackswan the masterpiece let's get her up on the charts

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Black Swan deserves so much more love and appreciation. This song is BEAUTIFUL and the music video is just as amazing.


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Love this song, mv, choreography, performances and aesthetics to the moon and back

🖤 Black Swan 🖤

#1YearWithBlackSwan @BTS_twt

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omg its been an year since black swan was released, i just know that black swan orchestral version holds a very special place in our hearts. the art, the dancing, the lyrics, black swan was definitely a cultural reset.
Happy #1yearwithblackswan

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Não pode esquecer dos dançarinos que deram vida ao art dance de black swan...os passos,as expressões e os movimentos contemporâneos foram extremamente perfeitos e colocaram um ar que se encaixa perfeitamente com a música...BTS reconhecendo grandes talentos🤝🏻

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