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 4 days ago

McClintock says Capitol attack may not have happened if earlier riots had consequences

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@FoxNews Faux News is at it again

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@FoxNews Many people were arrested from earlier riots

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 4 days ago

@FoxNews nah, any sane person saw this coming. People are unwilling to talk to the other side, really, what did you expect smh

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@FoxNews Great observation

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Honouring Martin Luther King Jr. today. #MLKDay

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On #MLKDay @TAMULawSchool Dee Kelly Law Library posts nice video full of resources honoring legacy of #DrMartinLutherKingJr @LlMalikah @tamulibraries

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As we observe MLK and the tremendous impact he had, we encourage time to self-reflect. Do you see similarities between the Civil rights Movement of the 1960s and the present? Differences? We encourage everyone to inquire with an open mind as we all work to learn and grow. #MLKDay

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On #MLKDay, we honor the incredible Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as his commitment to service & pursuit of racial equality. How will you participate in this national day of service & make it a day on instead of just a day off?

#ServeOthers #CentralTexas #ILiveHereIGiveHere

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"I think as an athlete, there's this added pressure with social media now to provide certain things for your platform" - @Nnemkadi30


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#MLKDay half century later, many of the same challenges persist.
53 years later, the dream remains.
We can still be the change...

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Let freedom ring...
Not seen anywhere near enough recognition for #MLKDay
This world is a better place for him, but still has further to go than the great man would’ve hoped by now.

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