Christ Jesus died to save us from our sins & conquered death. There is salvation only in Jesus. I pray for atheists & anyone who is hostile to Christians & Christianity #Jesus #faith #ChristJesus #thursdayvibes #Thursday #thursdaymorning #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts #USA

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Since we weren’t at IMS this year, I made the drive down to Speedway for the memorabilia show. This was the only thing I knew I couldn’t walk out without. Seemed appropriate given it was driller day, and sure enough Young Money got it done! #ChiliBowl2021

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Watching @CBellRacing drive the living shit out of a midget was worth the price of admission! #ChiliBowl2021

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Big props to @Walkapedia_ @MattWeaverAW @RacingNationTV @FloRacing @cbnationals just to name a few, for keeping content pumped out all week on the event. Short track racing benefits when people are talking and making content about it. #ChiliBowl2021

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Watched the #ChiliBowl2021 for the fist time thanks to @MAVTV for the live feed on Facebook.

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Really didn't expect the #ChiliBowl2021 to become an endurance race. I get that the track had a ton of activity on it but damn, nearly a two hour break between the last B and the A main, not a good way to keep the casuals engaged.

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@dustinlong @KyleLarsonRacin @cbnationals WHEW! An exciting #ChiliBowl2021 A-Main race tonight @cbnationals! Congratulations to @KyleLarsonRacin for holding off the field & winning the #GoldenDriller, to the drivers & to the organizers of a great @lucasdirt event! Super impressed w/ Tanner Thorson (@TThorsonRacing)! 🏁🏎️

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