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The Rockefeller Christmas tree's stowaway owl is back in her natural habitat. After a week at a rehabilitation center, Rocky winged her way into the wild to continue her migratory journey south.

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The coronavirus pandemic has taken a voracious bite out of a slice of New York life as recognizable as a piece of pizza: the gifts-slash-luggage-and-sometimes-slash-electronics stores that dot tourist-friendly areas.

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Inspired by the nation’s reckoning with systemic racism, schools are scrapping and rewriting Thanksgiving lessons that treated Native Americans as a footnote in a story about white settlers.

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The coronavirus pandemic has upended the worldwide seafood industry, disrupting its complex supply chain.

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President Donald Trump sought votes from New England’s lobster fishermen, but some industry members say Joe Biden offers a crack at stability.

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Replying to @AP: “Please pay attention to our lives.”

@MargieMasonAP and @robinmcdowell spoke to dozens of women on palm oil plantations who descr…

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“Please pay attention to our lives.”

@MargieMasonAP and @robinmcdowell spoke to dozens of women on palm oil plantations who describe rapes, harassment and punishing physical effects of their brutal work, which feeds into top beauty brands.


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Officials say confirmed coronavirus deaths have surpassed 10,000 in hard-hit Massachusetts. The actual toll is likely higher because of fatalities not attributed to COVID-19.

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Marty the cat won the 2008 Mount Washington Mascot Primary and made the tallest peak in the northeastern U.S. his home, as the weather observatory's mascot. After a dozen years, his watch has ended.

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This account will not post on Election Day. Follow @AP and @AP_Politics for full coverage of today's election.

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It’s common for people to say that Ilion is Remington and Remington is Ilion. But now that the gun manufacturer has filed for bankruptcy, the upstate New York village is looking ahead with uncertainty.

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"Full House" actress Lori Loughlin has begun serving her sentence in the college admissions bribery scandal in the same federal prison in California where "Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman served hers.

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Long-lost interviews with Bob Dylan have surfaced at an auction house, and they contain some surprising new insights about the celebrated singer-songwriter.

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Massachusetts officials called a fire inside a Boston ballot box an apparent "deliberate attack," and have asked the FBI to investigate. Of the more than 120 ballots inside the box early Sunday, 35 were too damaged to process.

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Maine's use of ranked choice voting this year is a test case for other states, and it could influence the 2020 outcome.

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"They don’t take into consideration our feelings." Some Black police officers say their union endorsements for President Trump don’t fairly represent all dues-paying members.

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The family company of President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will proceed with a $900 million high-rise development after settling a lawsuit accusing Jersey City of blocking them over anti-Trump sentiment, per an agreement obtained by @AP.

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“COVID has destroyed enough.” The birthplace of one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous that has long-served as a gathering place for those in recovery is in danger of closing because of coronavirus restrictions that have impacted the business.

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A sign of the holiday season typically includes the dance of Clara, the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Mouse King and the Nutcracker Prince. But because of the pandemic, many performances of "The Nutcracker" have been canceled.

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Boston's reopening of public schools will be delayed at least a week because the city's coronavirus positivity rate has surged past 4%.

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"No reason she had to die." The death of a Yorkshire terrier at a private airport facility in the U.S. is fueling a messy legal battle over importing purebred canines from Russia.

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