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......and don't come back! #TrumpsLastDay

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Tories getting on with the job of rolling out vaccine? Well they have been sleepwalking through this pandemic. This image says it all: PMQs.... Boris is boring his own MPs now. #PMQs

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Blame? Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Michael Gove, Jacob Reed Mogg just need look in the mirror. #outbreakcovid

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Winterwatch in 3 words:

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Gene Wilder BWE. Best Wonka Ever. No one else could play Willy Wonka like him.

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Great show and some great naturalists of the future in Megan & Indy. Thanks Chris & Team #Winterwatch

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That hat is something else Chris #Winterwatch

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Quoted @BBCSpringwatch

Have you seen anything that screams winter magic like this bubble freezing? We couldn't believe it when we saw this incredible footage filmed by Rosemary Danielis! Who else is going to be out there with a straw and some washing up liquid at the first sign of snow? #Winterwatch

The magic of nature

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IDS would start to know what poverty was like if he got down to his last £million. He is saving on food in this clip. #politicslive

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Brandon Lewis says it is too early to do global comparisons of COVID death rate. You have had nearly a year. How long does it take?

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Cheese us of Nazareth #ASongOrMovieForDairy

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Cattle be the day #ASongOrMovieForDairy

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Knowing Me, Knowing Moo #ASongOrMovieForDairy

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You can be sure that Universal Credit will not be something that rich boys in the cabinet will want to see continuing with the extra £20. Generous the 'unbiased' Laura Kuhnsberg calls it. Absolutely necessary to families who need it actually. Billions wasted on crap test & trace

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I think Boris Johnson is interested in the Phil Neville job......well he has as much knowledge of ball games as does about being PM

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"Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot rather than opening it and removing all doubt." Good advice for Lord Sumption, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Matt Hancock, Gavin Williamson and the King of Idiots: Jacob Rees Mogg. #mondaythoughts

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Don't get why BBC News needed to do a 'tribute' to convicted murderer Phil Spector. A very weird man, controlling and dangerous.

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I can hardly believe that Lord Sumption would say that. How can anyone think one life is more important than another? Everyone has the right to live and be valued. A* for being an idiot M' Lud.

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Guess what school Lord Sumption went to? Yep Eton, another out if touch pompous buffoon. Keep you mouth shut in future me Lud!!

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UK - Sign the Petition. Not only did we supply rubber bullets and riot gear to the US, but also PPE our NHS staff should have been getting. Thanks Boris keep that US trade deal alive rather than lives of NHS workers.

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