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The official home of Brian May Guitars - An exciting range of unique instruments designed in collaboration with Brian May and inspired by his iconic Red Special

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Quoted @johnupnorth62

@BrianMayGuitars Christmas arrived early today. Thank you for your excellent, prompt service and one truly magnificent guitar. A perfect end to a horrible year!!

Frank and his little BMG helpers know if you've been bad or good... So be good for goodness sake!!

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JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON... brand new merch celebrating decades of @BrianMayGuitars is now available at the official BMG online store.

Grab the perfect gift for the guitar slinging, rock 'n' rolling love of your life or treat yo'self at :

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SOOTHING SOUNDS FOR THE START OF ANOTHER LOCKDOWN WEEK... some exemplary gospel/classical styled fingerpicking from Aiden Allen, one of our favourite unsung Brit @BrianMayGuitars stars with "another quarantine experiment that blossomed & came together all on its own".

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SMILING MY LIFE AWAY... Brand new clip from @RobbyBloodshed with the superb sounds of his Antique Cherry @BrianMayGuitars Special + BMG Bass all over 'The Last Grin', another outstanding slice of "sophisticated punk" from his new LP 'Running Out Of Time'!

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UNDER THE HAMMER (TO FALL)... For #DiabetesAwarenessMonth @Pop4Diabetes is auctioning this @BrianMayGuitars Special, donated by @DrBrianMay and Anita Dobson + signed by the maestro himself, to raise funds for T1 Diabetes research

Visit to bid/donate

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Classic BMG logo hoodies in oxford navy are now available in a choice of sizes only at the official BMG online store.

🛒 Visit to purchase

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🤖HERE'S FRANKIE! Back by popular demand, our loving tribute to everyone's favourite giant homicidal robot returns

🛒The Art Series Frank Special is available NOW only at the official @BrianMayGuitars online store -> Visit


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IT'S TIME!! @BrianMayGuitars fan Bert Been from Hoorn in the Netherlands, immortalises his love for @QueenWillRock, @DrBrianMay and his cherished, signed BMG Special from the 2017 Q+AL European Tour with this astonishing artwork by Alexandre Rodrigues from

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Thanks to Austrian guitarist Armand Oberle for sharing 'Vienna 02112020', a new song recorded with his beloved sunburst @BrianMayGuitars Special and dedicated to the victims & families affected by this vicious terrorist attack in the City of Music on Nov 2

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Stay strong and stay safe out there today, America...

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RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW... The classic Antique Cherry @BrianMayGuitars Special is BACK IN STOCK now alongside selected LE Series flavors, all available to ship worldwide complete with an exclusive FREE BMG GIFT PACK (worth over £40)... Visit + TREAT YO'SELF!

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Fun fact - NOTW came out the very same day as the Sex Pistols unleashed the equally legendary, game changing 'Never Mind the Bollocks...' 😀

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HAPPY 43RD BIRTHDAY TO 'NEWS OF THE WORLD', Queen's almighty, record breaking, multi-million selling, sixth LP, released on October 28th 1977...

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LAST CALL BEFORE XMAS? We hope to get a new shipment of fun-sized Mini Mays in before year's end, but the 'Rona may well mess with our cunning plan, so - HEADS UP - right now we only have VERY LIMITED STOCKS available -->🛒Head to to make your purchase!!

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A MARVELLOUS MINI MAY MASTERCLASS from consummate Milanese maestro FRANK CAMPESE (@Chronosfear_ + Queen tribute Stones Cold Crazy) with his travel-sized take on @DrBrianMay's epic 'Brighton Rock' solo from @QueenWillRock's triumphant 1986 Wembley shows

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Well, that escalated quickly... Congrats to Courtney in San Antonio, Texas for being so quick on the draw!!!!

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TIME FOR ANOTHER BMG B-STOCK BARGAIN... This week's pick a 2018 Mini May with some untidy routing around the pickup, protective films still intact, set up in our 'in-House' workshop, complete with gig-bag - Visit to grab this little beauty while you can!

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BIG BMG SMILES ALL AROUND from father + son, Lorenzo and Dante Gioia, in beautiful Reggio di Calabria, southern Italy... "I would like my thanks as a father to go personally to @DrBrianMay. Together with the @BrianMayGuitars team, you have made a boy very happy - Thank you all!"

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Quoted @heartofkenthosp

Calling all #Queen fans 📢 Fancy getting your hands on a signed #BrianMay guitar? Place your bids in our Hospice auction #queentheband  #FreddieMercury #guitar #GuitarHero #guitarist

THIS WEEKEND stay safe + support the caregivers at @HeartOfKentHosp by joining in their Art of Kent online auction – amongst a host of exclusive lots a @BrianMayGuitars Red Special signed by @DrBrianMay is going under the hammer

Please visit to make a bid

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